WAii – Rak Chan Mai (Do You Love Me?)

Artist: WAii
Title: Rak Chan Mai (Do You Love Me?)
Album: Playgirl
Year: 2010

Chan mai poom jai rok tee tum tua baep nun
I’m not proud of myself for acting this way
Lae mai koey dtong garn hai tur mah neuay jai
And I never wanted to give you a hard time
Chan gaw kae kee klat, wat glua law wun wai
I am just a coward, nervous and scared
Praw mai koey mee krai hai ruk dai yahng tur
‘Cause I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you

*Sing tee chan bpen, tur gaw kong mai kao jai
Who I am, you probably don’t understand
Chan tum teung man ja mai meuan krai
Although I do things differently from other people
Please understand, please understand
Tur rak chan mai
Do you love me?
Teung chan mai dee paw
Even if I’m not good enough
Rak chan mai
Do you love me?
Chan kong dtong taam dtau
I’ll have to keep asking
Term tao rai kaw kong mai yom tem
I won’t be satisfied no matter how I try
Jai chan kaht jai tur
My heart is void of yours
Tur rak chan mai
Do you love me?
Gaw praw chan rak tur
Because I love you
Tee chan rai yak hai tur rak
I’m being harsh because I want you to love me
Tah mun mark gern pai,
If it’s too much to ask for,
Kau toht
I’m sorry

Kit mark pai reu plao
Am I thinking too much?
Gaw kit mark samer
But I’m always contemplating
Kit praw bpen ruang tur
Contemplating because it’s about to you
Glua tur pai gap krai
I’m scared you’ll be with someone else
Chan mai dai bpen huang,
I’m not worried,
Tae huang, kao jai mai
But I am wary, do you understand?
Tee dtong tum woon wai
I’ve made such a mess of things
Yahng noi gaw peua tur
At least it was for you

Repeat *

Kau toht
I’m sorry

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