Fluke The Star – Baby Come Back To Me

Artist: Fluke The Star
Title: Baby Come Back To Me
Album: Voice of Love
Year: 2010

Dai yin sieng, jub meu tur yoo took wun
Hearing your voice, holding your hands every day
Tae glub koey chin, kid wah gaw ngun ngun
I got so used to it, thought it would always be
Ngoh mark luey chun jon wun tee tur dern pai
I was such a fool until you walked out on me
Meuan mai roo seuk tua wah taung hai jai
Unconsciously forgetting to breathe
Kao jai wah tur nun sum-kun kae nai,
Now I understand how much you mean,
Tau mur taung kard pai
After I had to lose you
Jai mun hai mur mai mee tur
My heart’s gone now that I don’t have you

*Teun mah gaw euam meu ja god toh,
Wake up and reach over to call you,
Tae neuk dai wah rao lerk gun
Then it hits me that we’ve broken up
Auk pai pob poo kon jon mot wun
I go out and meet with people all day
Tae nai jai gaw young dung wah kid teung tur
But my heart loudly professes that I miss you
Baby, baby oh roo bahng reu plao chun tau-ra-man piang dai
Baby, baby oh, do you realize how much pain I’m in?
Pid pai laaw jing jing, yahk hai tur apai
I was so wrong, wish you’d forgive me
Tah paw ja mee hon taang
If only there were a way
Baby, baby oh song sarn chun tee
Baby, baby oh sympathize with me
Wun nee kau raung dung dung
Today, I’m pleading out loud
Glub mah tur na kon dee
Please come back to me baby
Mah chai jai tur fung
Use your heart to hear
Wah krai raw tur tao nun
That someone’s waiting for only you
Baby come back to me

Jur roi yim jark krai gaw mai meuan tur
Anyone else’s smile just isn’t the same as yours
Mur gaun koey ngong tee hen kon prum pur
Before, it used to baffle me when I saw people getting delirious
Wun nee dai jur tur,
Now that I’ve met you,
Kao jai laaw mun bpen young ngai
I understand what that’s like

Repeat *

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