Dew The Star – Kon Mai Dee Tee Ruk Tur [A Bad Man Who Loves You]

Artist: Dew The Star
Title: Kon Mai Dee Tee Ruk Tur
English Title: A Bad Man Who Loves You
Album: Voice of Love
Year: 2010

Roo wah chun mun kon mai dee pai nai sai dta tur samer
I realize I’ve always been a bad person in your eyes
Took krao tee jur,
For all the times we’ve met,
Mai wai jai suk krung
You haven’t once trusted me
Teung maung gun yahng rai gaw dtaam
You can judge me however you’d like
Tae wah chun ja mai mot wung
But I won’t lose hope
Praw suk wun tur nun gaw ja kao jai
Because one day, you’ll understand me

*Tur tut sin young ngai wun nee,
Whatever you decide today,
Kong dtong yom took yahng
I have to concede to it all
Wung kae suk wun ja mee suk taang,
I only hope there’d be a way some day
Tum hai tur pert hua jai
To make you open up your heart

**Kon kon nee tee mai dee paw
This man here who isn’t good enough
Ja kau fao raw tae tur
Would like to wait for only you
Kau kae maung, kau kae jur
Please let me see you, please let me meet you
Yoo doo lae reuay pai
And continue to take care of you
Jon gwah ruk kaung chun dee paw
Until my love is good enough for you
Jon gwah tur ja paw cheuah jai
Until you find me trustworthy
Chun prom ja yoo,
I’m willing to stay,
Teung mae dtong bpen baep nee,
Even if this is who I must be,
Kon mai dee tee ruk tur
A bad man who loves you

Kau waylah plien plang reuang rao
Please give me time to change things
Sing tee hen dai yin kao mah
Things you’ve seen and heard
Mae ja nurah lah, tae chun mai wun wai
It may be toilsome, but I won’t falter
Mae dai piang song kwarm wung dee
Even if I can only send you my good intentions
Jark nai tee tee young harng glai
From a place that’s far away
Mae ja jeb piang nai
No matter how much it hurts
Ja raw suk wun
I’ll wait for that some day

Repeat * / ** twice

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