Klear – Atitahn [Pray]

Artist: Klear
Title: Atitahn
English Title: Pray
Album: Brighter Day
Year: 2010

Num tah tee rin lai
My tears that flow out
Nun mai koey lop lern
They’ve never diminished you
Sai lom tee choie pud,
The gentle wind blowing,
Pon pai yahng wahng plao
Passes like an emptiness
Sang jun tee sot sai,
The bright moonlight,
Lurah piang kae ngao
Nothing but a reflection
Sieng plen tee puad rao nee,
These heartbreaking songs,
Chun mai dtong garn
I don’t need them

*Meua maung fah, pah-wa-nah
Gaze up at the sky, make a wish
Ja mee mai kwarm met-tah kau piang dao suk duang
Is there any mercy from just a single star?
Yom dub sang ruang long jark fah
Willing to extinguish its light and descend from Heaven
Peua kum raung, kum aun waun nai keun nee
To fulfill my request, my plead tonight

**Yahk kau kiang karng tur
I yearn to be by your side
Dai ruk tur meuan koey
To be able to love you like before
Atitahn, atitahn
I pray, I pray
Kau paun fark fah
Asking for a blessing from the heavens
Yahk kwah tur mah gaud
I want to grab you and hug you
Neeow rung tur hai yoo
Persuade you to stay
Prard-ta-nah, prard-ta-nah
My desire, my only desire
Piang tur dai glub mah (eek suk krung)
Is for you to come back (once again)

Kau paun jark moo dao
Ask for a blessing from a cluster of stars
Meuan dung nai ni-taan
Just like in fairy tales
Kae duang neung tao nun,
Even from a single star,
Chun gaw kong som jai
I’d be satisfied

Repeat * / **

Glin gaai kaung tur young chut jen nai jai
Your scent is still vivid to me
Aum gaud koey koon young op oon nai jai
Your familiar embrace still warms my heart
Nern naan, saen naan,
For a long time, for all time,
Tur gaw ying fung jai
You’ll be embedded in my heart
Mai mee taang nai tee ja leum tur
It’s impossible for me to ever forget you

Repeat **

Hai chun dai yeun karng karng tur
Please let me stand next to you
Hai dai rung tur kao mah gaud eek suk krung
So that I can hold you back, hold onto you once again
Piang kae nun tee kau jark fark fah
That’s all I’m asking for from the heavens
Trarb tee chun nun young mee lom haai jai
As long as I’m still breathing
Ja prum pur teung tur yahng nee reuay pai
I’m going to be delirious for you forever
Kau kae tur, kau kae tur, kau kae tur
I only ask that you, ask that you, ask that you
Kae piang tur dai glub mah eek suk krung
Just that you come back once again

Num tah tee rin lai
My tears that flow out
Nun mai koey lop lern
They’ve never diminished you

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