Air Kanittika – Num Tah Mai Glah Lai [My Tears are Afraid to Fall]

Artist: Air Kanittika
Title: Num Tah Mai Glah Lai
English Title: My Tears are Afraid to Fall
Year: 2009

Gaw roo wah lerk gun pai
I realize we’ve broken up
Mai mee taang meuan derm
Things will never be as they were
Yah pai tum arai aun ae meua pob gun
Don’t show any signs of weakness when we see each other
Yah raung hai hai wun wahn tee koey pook pun
Don’t cry for the yesterdays of when we were together
Mai mee wun tee ja ruk gun eek dai laaw
We can never love each other again

*Kaew bai derm tee tag mai taung pai sahn tau
There’s no need to reassemble the broken past
Yah lerei, yah pai reu fuen duay num tah
Don’t, don’t revive it with your tears

**Yot num nai tah mai glah hai lai
The teardrops in my eyes are afraid to fall
Taung feun mun pai gaw tung tee jai mun puad rao
I must suppress them even while my heart is breaking
Taung ton kang jai tee mun wahng plao hai kang rang
I must persevere through emptiness to get stronger
Yot num nai tah mai mee kah laaw
The teardrops in my eyes are now worthless
Gep mun wai, yah ploi hai lai mah
Hold them back, don’t let them fall
Taung glun jai maung pai tee kaub fah
I must take a deep breath and look towards the sky
Mai hai tur hen num tah kaung kon tee mai leum
Can’t let you see the tears of someone who hasn’t forgotten

Gee krung tee pood kooay gun
So many times when we talk
Chun taung kom jai
I have to restrain myself
Bauk tua eng wah rao nun pen dai kae nai
Ask myself how we could possibly be

Repeat * / **

Lurah kae piang kwarm lung fung jai
All that’s left is the past buried in my heart
Lae gaw mai roo wah wun nai
And I have no idea when
Tee ja leum reuang wun wahn dai suk tee
I’ll ever be able to forget our yesterdays together

Repeat **

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