Earn The Star – Plaai Taang Tee Mai Dtaang Jai [Unintended Destination]

Artist: Earn The Star
Title: Plaai Taang Tee Mai Dtaang Jai
English Title: Unintended Destination
Album: Kum Kau Jark Watee Kon Took Ting
Year: 2010

Ruk rerm dern taang took yahng gaw waan
The journey of every love starts off sweet
Dtaang gaw dtong gaan mee ruk tee dee
They’re all different, but each strive for the best
Joong meu dern pai duay gan
You led me by the hand as we traveled together
Paan wan, paan deuan, paan bpee
Through days, months and years
Kwarm wung tee koey mee
Things seemed promising
Maa wan nee, sing tee dee dee plian pai
But come today, all the good things have changed
Paw teung glaang taang rerm dtaang het pon
Upon reaching the midpoint, our motives began to change
Meua rao song kon mai mee yeua yai
At this moment there are no sentiments between us
Mai dai groht gan, dtae yahk yoo hai glai glai
I’m not mad at you, but I’d like some space
Meua gaan kao glai hua jai rerm tau-ra-man
Because when you come near my heart begins to ache

*Tur gaw neuay, chun gaw neuay
You’re tired, but I’m tired too
Gap gaan pook jai gan wai
With our hearts being bound together
Tur gaw beua chun gaw naai
You’re fed up and I’m bored
Feun jai gaw tao nan
There’s no point in forcing love
Haang haang gan pai sak pak
Let’s keep our distance for awhile
Hai ruk bauk tur lae chun
Let love give us the answer
Jark gan chua krao,
Let’s separate temporarily,
Reu mai mee rao eek dtaw pai
Otherwise, we may cease to exist at all

Maa teung plaai taang tee dtaang jark fan
We’ve reached a different destination from the one we dreamt of
Rao koey ruam gan waat ao wai
There was a time we shared the same drawing
Paab nai wan nee mai meuan tee rao dtaang jai
But today, the picture isn’t the same as we had intended
Glai gan tao rai, hua jai ying tau-ra-man
The closer we get, the more it pains our hearts

Repeat *

Meua ruk dern maa teung plaai taang
Since our love has journeyed to a destination
Tee mai dtaang jai
That wasn’t intended

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