Klear – Nahtee Soot Tai [Final Minute]

Artist: Klear
Title: Nahtee Soot Tai
English Title: Final Minute
Album: Brighter Day
Year: 2010

Roo tua dee wah chun kon nee mun mai mee kah arai hai ruk
I’m well aware that I’m not worthy of being loved
Gaw praw taun tur hai ruk chun,
Because when you gave your love to me,
Chun mai tun dai ao jai sai tum tur sia jai
I took it for granted and broke your heart
Mai koey ja son,
I never showed any interest,
La lerei meuan kon mai chai tee ruk
Neglected you as if I didn’t love you
Wun nee tur lerei mai ruk chun
And now you no longer love me
Lae gumlung ja dern jark chun pai
And you’re on the verge of leaving me
Chun kong mai mee sit ja kau raung tur hai meuan derm
I have no right to beg for things to be as they were
Lae kong mai aht ja neeow rung tur mai hai pai jark chun
And I probably can’t dissuade you from leaving me

*Tae kau hai chun dai tum nahtee soot tai
But please let me do something in our final minute
Gaun ploi hai reuang ruk rao wun nee mun lern hai
Before I let our love fade away today
Sahng kwarm song jum tee dee
Let me create the best remembrance of me
Lop lahng kwarm pid mark mai
To negate my huge mistake
Glop parb liew rai tee chun tum gub tur
To mask the awful things I did to you
Gaun tee ja mee piang chun lum pung kon diow trong nee
Before I’m isolated and all alone here
Lae gaun mai mee kon derm kon dee
And before that familiar face of my love won’t be around
Hai mah pob jur
For me to see
Yahk bauk wah chun choke dee tee soot
I want to tell you that I’m the luckiest person
Mae sia jai tao rai
Despite how regretful I feel
Yahng noi koey mee tur
At least I once had you in my life
Koey mee waylah dai cheun jai
Once had a moment of happiness

Mun kong ja mee suk kon neung
There’s bound to be someone else for you
Lae kong pen kon tee dee gwah chun
And most likely she’ll be a better person than me
Mai taung lung lay tee ja ruk gun
Your love together won’t have to waver
Suan tua chun, kong yao naan
As for me, it’ll most likely be a long time
Gwah ja dai pob suk kon tee dee yahng tur
Before I meet a good man like you

Oh oh, yahng tur
Oh oh, like you

Repeat *

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