Klear – Pai [Go]

Artist: Klear
Title: Go
English Title: Go
Album: Stay Alive
Year: 2008

Gaw yoo karng karng gun trong nee
As we’re standing here next to each other
Pen kon dee dee tee nah pra-tup jai
You take my breath away because you’re such a good person
Kon diow tee kao gun dai klai klai ja pen tur
The one person compatible with me appears to be you
Tae yoo glai glai gun trong nee,
But being so close to each other here,
Bahng tee tur doo charng glai hahng
At times you seem so distant
Maung sop tah gun,
We’re looking into each other’s eyes,
Tae tur pai yoo nai
But you’ve gone somewhere else

*Tee tee op oon jai,
The place that comforts your heart,
Tee tee tur ruk mot jai
The place you love wholeheartedly
Mai chai trong nee chai mai
It isn’t here, is it?

**Pai…tah tur mai taung garn yoo trong nee
Go…if you don’t want to be here
Tah tur nun mee krai yoo nai jai kaung tur
If you have someone else in your heart
Ploi chun wai tur
Let go of me
Gaw pai tur pai, pai hai glai
You should just go, go elsewhere
(Hai reuang rao kaung rao mun job sa tee)
(So that our relationship can end for good)
Mai taung mah ruk gun luey
You don’t have to love me at all

Roo mai mai koey hai krai tao tur
Do you realize I’ve never given as much to anyone else?
Kon diow tee yahk pob jur mah naan
There’s only one person I’ve been yearning to find
Gaw raw gaw kauy hah krai kon nun
So I kept waiting as I searched for him
Laaw chun gaw jur tur
And then I met you
Kid wung ao wai wah mun ja dee,
I’d hoped that things would turn out well,
Gub tur kon nee kong pen pai dai
That it was possible with you
Tae laaw mai tao rai,
But it didn’t take much,
Kwarm fan gaw sa-laai
My dreams shattered

Repeat * & ** twice / **

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