Kal – Ying Hen Ying Jeb [The More I Witness, the More it Aches]

Artist: Kal
Title: Ying Hen Ying Jeb
English Title: The More I Witness, the More it Aches
OST: Look Mai Plien See
Year: 2009

Kid mai teung ja tum gun dai long
Never expected you could do it me
Kwarm seuah trong mee bahng mai
Wasn’t there any sincerity between us?
Kon tee rao ruk, purn tee wai jai
The man I loved, the friend I trusted
Joong meu gun pai tau nah tau dta
Holding hands right in front of my face

*Ying kid, ying kaen
The more I think about it, the more it infuriates me
Ying hen gaw ying jeb
The more I witness, the more it aches
Jeb jai praw ruk mun nuk nah
My heart aches because of my unfaltering love for you
Taung jeb taung chum,
Bruised and battered,
Taung sia num dta
Having to shed tears
Jom yoo gub kum taam wah tummai
I’m drowning in questions of why
Pen roi meed kom greed leuk tee hua jai
I’m scarred from a sharp knife that’s penetrated deep into my heart
Baht plae nee mun ying yai mai mee wun jarng
This wound is far too great to ever go away
Krai mai jur yahng chun mai mee wun kao jai
Those who didn’t go through my ordeal will never understand
Kon tee mun sin rai took sing took yahng
I lost everything I ever had
Mee lom haai jai, dtae mai mee kwarm wung
I’m alive, but disheartened
Yoo yahng kon pai pae
Living life as a failure
Mee tae kwarm ahng wahng praw tur
I have nothing but solitude because of you

Repeat *

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One Response to Kal – Ying Hen Ying Jeb [The More I Witness, the More it Aches]

  1. IB says:

    i love thai language though im Sudanese = )

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