ChaCha – Kwarm Ot Ton Kaung Kon Tee Raw [Patience of the One Who’s Waiting]

Artist: ChaCha
Title: Kwarm Ot Ton Kaung Kon Tee Raw
English Title: Patience of the One Who’s Waiting
Album: ChaCha
Year: 2009

Keun tee ngao tee soot keu keun tee mai mee tur yoo
The loneliest nights are the nights that you’re not around
Nai jai chun roo jark nee dtong diow dai
In my heart, I know that from now on it’ll be lonesome
Jer dtua eng meuan derm,
Face myself like before,
Gap ngao karng gaai
With my shadow at my side
Mai mee krai ahng wahng nai jai
Having no one makes me feel secluded inside
Kid teung tur
I miss you

Keun tee naao tee soot tee mai roo ja yoot meua-rai
The coldest nights are when I don’t know when it’ll end
Dtong ton nao pai

Having to endure this chill
Mai hen mae saeng dao
I can’t even catch a glimpse of starlight
Dtong ot ton tao rai gap jai see tao
How long must I put up with this bleak heart?
Chun ja jep ja ngao dai naan tao rai
How long will this pain and loneliness last?

*Glua kwarm ngao ja ao kon eun kao mah
I’m afraid that loneliness will bring someone else into my life
Kwarm ngao man bung dtah paab tur aht mai chat jen
That loneliness would blur my vision and obscure your image
Glua kwarm ngao ja sak seum jai rao hai wai en
I’m afraid that loneliness will seep into my heart and sway me
Tah mee kon eun kao mah taan,
If someone else came and took your place,
Mai roo tum yahng rai
I don’t know what I’d do

**Keun tee ngiep tee soot, jai tur nan dai hen arai
On the quietest nights, what can you hear?
Bpen siang hua jai
It’s the sound of your heart
Yahng meuan derm reu plao
Is it still the same as before?
Yahk hai raw yoo mai
Are you hoping that I’ll wait for you?
Bauk jai kon ngao
Please tell this lonely person
Gra-sip bao bao hai jai dai roo suk noi
You can whisper it softly to let me know

Repeat * / **

Kau kar bauk laaw chun ja raw tur
You’d only have to tell me and I’ll wait for you

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