Dr.Fuu – Poot Laaw Yahk Ja Rong Hai [Talking About it Makes Me Want to Cry]

Artist: Dr.Fuu
Title: Poot Laaw Yahk Ja Rong Hai
English Title: Talking About it Makes Me Want to Cry
Year: 2010

Poot laaw rao ja rong hai
Talking about it will make me cry
Meua mee krai kao taam teung tur
Whenever someone asks about you
Poot pai laaw nam dtah uur
Talking about it makes my tears well up
Gaw mai yahk ja jer nah krai
So I don’t want to see anyone

*Taung taub sam sam wah tur nan ting pai mee mai
Having to repeatedly answer that you dumped me for someone else
Taung jep sam sam nai kam kam nee yoo ram pai
Having to repeatedly hurt because of these words again and again
Kon jai rai, kon goh-hok, kon loh-lay
You’re heartless, you’re a liar, you’re fickle
Mai koey jam sanya
You never remember what you promise

**Bauk wah ruk kae pieng lom pak
You said you love me, but those were just words
Fahk plae jai hai mee nam dtah
Left me with a wounded heart and brought me to tears
Kon tung kon reu hen bpen maa dtua neung tee ruk tur
Everyone saw me as a dog that loved you
Lauk hai ruk hai long ngom ngai
You tricked me into falling foolishly in love with you
Jep geuap dtaai naun som la-mer
It hurts to death to lie helplessly in your delusions
Poot pai laaw nam dtah uur
Talking about it makes my tears well up,
Man yahk ja leum, leum tur sak tee
I want to forget, forget you for good

Yahk ja lohp pai hai glai
I want to hide somewhere far away
Mai yahk jer kon roo jak rao
I don’t want to see anyone I know
Jark rah-rerng bpen kon sao
From having been so lively to becoming dejected
Reuang nam nao lao pai gaw ai
It’s so absurd I’m embarassed to talk about it

Repeat * / **

Krai bpen ngai mai roo,
I don’t know how anyone else is doing,
Doo jai kon mai bpen
I can’t read other people’s mind
Nam dtah saat gra-den tao rai
No matter how much my tears splash
Kon man mai mee jai
She doesn’t love me
Rao gaw ngoh gern pai
And I’m too much of a fool
Som saan glap mah lia plae jai
Crawling back to lick my wound
Gert mah mai koey ruk krai tao tur
I’ve never loved anyone as much as you in my life
Taung mah jer, taung mah jer chai wayn

You’ll have to face, have to face retribution

Repeat ** twice

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6 Responses to Dr.Fuu – Poot Laaw Yahk Ja Rong Hai [Talking About it Makes Me Want to Cry]

  1. yerry says:

    This song and mv is really good! Thanks for posting and sharing it with us! =)

  2. Rechie Conzon says:

    hi fellas i’m Rechie and i’m from the Philippines since i heard the Dr.Fuu’s band about a month ago, i really enjoyed listening to their songs..i had 6 songs with that band but some of ’em don’t have subtitles..i’m hoping that you put subtitles every single song..thank you for your cooperation and sharing with us..

  3. Rechie Conzon says:

    i want u to do me a favor those songs hit by Dr.Fuu would u put english subtitles every song they got..actually i had only two songs with english subtitles..thank u and once again..

    • AnothaiDara says:

      That’s a lot of songs to request at one time, but I will try. No promises.


      • Rechie Conzon says:

        hi..how are u today..could u make me MV with these songs ”Pla Thu Nueng” Dr. fuu and ”Sa Chai Mai Long” Dr. Fuu..with English subtitles in each song..i ain’t in a hurry so take your time…anyway i went to your youtube anothaidara,they were all great songs..

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