Ruk Sorn Rot [Love’s Hidden Flavor] OST

Artist: Pinky Savika Chaiyadej
Title: Ruk Kong Tur [Your Love]
Year: 2010

Chun kau taam wah ruk kong tur ja bpen baep nai
Let me ask what your love is like
Ruk kong tur ja waan ja kom reu yang ngai
Is your love sweet or bitter? How is it?
Laaw ruk kong tur ja hawm ja waan pai eek naan mai
And will your sweet and fragrant love last for a long time?
Reu wah tur ja bpen kae fan kae tak gaw haai pai
Or are you just a facade that willl disappear after a hello?

*Yahk ja lawng yahk ja taam doo
I want to give it a try and find out
Lae yahk hai tur roo wah ruk chun nan bpen yang rai
And I want you to know what my love is like

**Kae dai term kwarm ruk hai gan sak noi
Just fill me up with a little bit of love
Kae dai mee roi yim hai gan lek noi
Just give me little smile
Sai nai hua jai klook klao hai kao gan
Let’s blend our hearts and mix them together
Gaw ja bpen ruk kong tur lae chun jark hua jai
We’ll get a love that stems from our hearts

Ruk kong tur ja bpen yang ngai tah jai mun rawn
What would your love be like if things got heated?
Laaw tah jai aun, ja awt aun chun yang ngai

And what if I was docile, how would you tend to me?
Tah chun ruk tur, laaw tur ja tum hai jep bahng mai

If I were to love you, would you hurt me?
Reu took wan ja koi huang hah hai cheun jai

Or would you care for me every day and make me happy?

Repeat * / **

Kae nee tao nan paw
And that would be enough

Repeat * / ** twice

Kae nee tao nan paw
And that would be enough

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Artist: Thee Wanichnanthatada
Title: Ying Chat Jen [Even More Obvious]
Year: 2010

Haak chun mai roo mai jam glaeng tum wah mai ruk tur
If I didn’t know better and remembered to pretend not to love you
Haak chun mai taung pope jer arai, gaw kong ngai gwah nee
If I didn’t have to face anything, it’d probably be easier than this
Mai taung feun, tung tung tee jai aun laa
I wouldn’t have to force myself, though I get weaker
Took took na-tee tee rao taung jer gan
With every moment we’re together
Glua wah tur ja roo chun ruk tur
I’m scared that you’ll know I love you

*Dtae wah kwarm ruk gaw meuan ngao lai dtaam rao took haeng
But love is like a shadow following me everywhere
Kae saeng duang dao kwarm ruk gaw yang ja mong hen
Love can still see even with just a starlight
Ying rao dern nee tao rai hai glai sak pieng nai
The more I run and try to get as far as possible
Kwarm ruk karng nai jai ying chat jen
The love in my heart becomes even more obvious

Haak mae sak krang tah tur dai mong saai dtah chun doo
If you’d only look into my eyes just once
Ja roo wah tung hua jai chun sorn arai karng nai nan
You’d know everything I’ve hidden in my heart
Mai yahk feun, hua jai gaw yang taung feun
I don’t want to force myself, but I have to force my heart
Took krang tee yeun karng tur taung gep wai
Every time I’m standing next to you I have to hold it inside
Glua wah tur plien pai mai meuan derm
Fearing you’d change into a different person

Repeat * twice

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3 Responses to Ruk Sorn Rot [Love’s Hidden Flavor] OST

  1. sunflower says:

    Is anyone subbing this drama?

  2. Monica says:

    Do you have a download link for either songs?

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