Dew the Star – Neung Nahtee [One Minute]

Artist: Dew the Star
Title: Neung Nahtee
English Title: One Minute
Album: Pleng Ruk Jark Duang Dao
Year: 2010

Neung nahtee peung dai roo mee kah tao rai
I just learned how precious a single minute can be
Gaw nai nahtee tee tur ja pai
It was the very minute you left
Bauk lerei wah jai mun hai
Said your feelings for me were gone
Gee meun nahtee tee koey mee tur nun karng gai
Of all the thousands of minutes when you were next to me
Mai koey seung nai kwarm mai
I never appreciated their worth
Roo kah gaw wun tee tur taung lah
I only realized their value when you said goodbye

*Maung kem nah-li-gah
Took a glance at the needle on the clock
Laaw maung nah tur eek krung
Then took another glance at you
Tummai waylah mun dern pai riew yahng nee
Why is time moving so fast?

**Yahk gaud tur dai reu plao
Is it okay to hold you?
Yahk gaud jon teung wi-nahtee soot tai
Please let me hold you until the very last second
Bun-teuk long nai hua jai
I’ll take note of this in my heart
Hai seeow nahtee nee
Give me these few seconds
Bauk tur hai roo wah ruk tur tao rai
To let you know how much I love you
Taen kum wah chun kau tot duoy num dtah
Instead of apologizing with tears

Neung nahtee ja seum sub wai took took ai oon
I’ll absorb every ounce of warmth within this single minute
Perm kwarm song jum dee dee kroo neung
And add it to our happy memories
Kong tum dai piang tao nee
This is as much as I can do
Hai waylah tee lurah noi tauk yam long pai
Give me what little time is left to emphasize
Wah wun nun ngoh kae nai
How stupid I’ve been in the past
Tee mai roo juk ruk-sah hai dee
For my ignorance in treating you properly

Repeat * / **

Chun roo tua chah gern pai chai mai wah tur nun mee kah
Was it too late once I realized that you’re priceless?
Waylah mai yaun keun mah eek laaw
Time will never turn back again

Repeat **

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