Clash – Pleng Soot Tai [Last Song]

Artist: Clash
Title: Pleng Soot Tai
English Title: Last Song
Album: Nine Miss U 2
Year: 2010

Koey prum bauk hua jai ja mee dtae tur, dtae tur
I’ve always said in my heart there’s only you, only you
Poo bpen tee neung
You’re my number one
Kau kwarm soot seung too koey paan pleng mark mai
Profound messages ran deeply through countless songs
Took pleng tee mee kwarm mai chai piang pak-gaa dam neung
Every song that held meaning was written with only one pen
Seung grawng jark hua jai ai oon ruk tee mee charng ngoht ngaam
Which filtered the warmth in my heart to create a beautiful love
Meuan saeng duang jan-traa kaung kam keun
Just like the night’s moonlight
Awm gaud ohp oon tee koon koey
You embrace me with a familiar warmth
Seung jai mai koey leum
Embedded in my heart, I’ll never forget you

Koey dtong jep gaw mee dtae tur poo diew tee kauy fao doo mai haang
When I was hurt you were the only one who looked after me and stayed within reach
Mae dtaun ahng wahng gaw mee dtae tur chuay plawp
Even when I was alone you were the only one who comforted me
Took sing took yahng tee chun koey tum pit tur mai groht
You never got upset over any of the mistakes I made
Tee soot nai hua jai, hai pleng nee bpen pleng neung kaung tur
From the bottom of my heart, I give you this song to make your own
Chun kian mah jark jai chun hai tur
I wrote this from my heart and I give it to you
Kae yahk urie kum wah ruk tur bpen pleng soot tai
I only wish to express my love to you through my last song

*Tee ruk, ruk, chun ruk tur moht jai
My love, love, I love you with all my heart
Lae dtaw jark nee, mae chun dtong laa pai,
And as of this moment, though I must say goodbye,
Ja ruk ja huang yai baep nee dtah-lot pai
I will still love and care for you like this forever
Teung mae wah pleng nee ja lurah pleng soot tai
Even if this song will be the last song I have left

Mae dtong jep tee dtong bauk laa,
Even though it pains me to have to say goodbye,
Dtae chun lae tur nan ja kiang koo gan, chun sanya
You and me will still be adjoined, I promise
Mae waylah ja naan ja nern tao rai,
No matter how much time passes,
Jai chun ja yoo gap tur
My heart will stay with you
Ja yoo took tee lae took wi-na-tee
Will be with you everywhere and every second

Repeat * 4x

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7 Responses to Clash – Pleng Soot Tai [Last Song]

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  3. Dal says:

    Thanks, AD! I cried watching this MV. I love the song…

    • AnothaiDara says:

      Dal, you and me both. I had an extra hard time subbing it because I had to force myself to listen to it over and over. We will miss Clash dearly.


  4. absolutekaoss says:

    Heya just wanted to thank you quickly for introducing me to these amazing bands.. being Thai but brought up in London I’m not exposed to much Thai music.. and it interests me a lot as a musician, you’ve absolutely influenced me by showing me these bands and I wanna thank you again! Khobhun maak maak na krab! ^^ This video.. made me come all the way to your blog to post this so.. yeah it really is a sad and special song. Even though they’re gone, to me i’ve only just discovered them 🙂 so please! keep up the fantastic work!!

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  6. Kai Lee says:

    Their music touched my soul and lyrics captured my heart.

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