Drawing/Giveaway #1 – Best in Time DVD

Hey everyone,

I had planned on uploading videos more consistently starting this month, but life sort of got in the way of that. I’ve returned from vacation and am now back in my hometown. And, have decided to extend my time here. Anyway, that may be TMI for what you’re all more interested in: the drawing.

Since I’m taking another month off of subbing, I thought this would be a good time to run this drawing/giveaway. It’s nothing big, but I’d like to show my appreciation to everyone who has supported me thus far. All you need to do is post a comment stating who your favorite Thai drama/film character is and why. Yup, it’s that easy. Just remember to stick to the fictional character and not the actor/actress portraying the role. The prize? An  official DVD copy of 2009’s film Best in Time with English subtitle (pictured below).

Bird – Ja Dai Mai Leum Gun

Here are the rules laid out in a bit more detail:
– Open to anyone, anywhere
– State your favorite Thai character from a drama or film (This is a Thai entertainment site after all)
– One entry per person (I will check IP addresses for duplicates. Duplicate entries will automatically be disqualified)
– Responding to other entries is perfectly fine
– edit: Leave a valid email address (in the comment info section and not in the actual comment box) (Winner will be contacted through email)
– Winner will be picked at random
– Entry deadline is 11:59 pm PST August 31, 2010.

You may notice that a month is quite lengthy for a drawing, but as this is the first one I’m holding, I’d like to have as many participants as possible. I don’t want there to be, say, only a handful of entries. So everyone, please enter and have fun! 🙂


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18 Responses to Drawing/Giveaway #1 – Best in Time DVD

  1. Melinda says:

    I really liked Narin in Sawan Biang. She had a strong head, spoke her mind and she never let herself get defeated. She wasn’t weak and feeble like some of the other N’aek I’ve previously watched. 🙂

  2. Neena says:

    My favorite and most influential Thai celebrity has to be veteran actor Sorapong Chatree. I might be young but I love older celebrities because I grew up watching them as a kid. Being Hmong, there is one movie I will remember forever because I remember replaying it as a kid, in the film Sorapong portrayed a Hmong man seeking revenge on his family. I was so small then but in all honestly he was my ‘Hmong Thai’ hero. For more then ten years I haven’t seen this movie, still I searched everywhere for a copy and finally last year I got another copy of the film. I presented to my dad because for years he still asked me if I found the first copy we had. Even now, he’s great to watch, I last saw him in Suriyothai and Ong Bak 2. He’s a very versatile actor, besides he just an actor whose face can’t be forgotten.

  3. luvxlakorn says:

    My favorite character would be alin from sood sanaeha,what i like about her is thats shes strong,brave and not weak .Also because she dares to propose the pr’ek and thats whats different from any other n’ek. 😀

  4. guava says:

    My favorite thai character is from my favorite thai film : Rak Haeng Siam.
    Ying is my favorite mainly because she reminds me of myself ( lol )
    Although Ying is in love with Mew she supports his love for Tong. I love how she even tried little tricks on him from that book ( turning his shoes upside down & the roses etc )
    So she is my favorite because she just wants to make mew happy. lol

    this is hard to explain for me… I just love Yings character as a whole :3

  5. Somkit says:

    My favorite thai character is Katsara played by Matt Peeranee for the lakorn
    Kuan Kamathep (Cupid Gang). The reason why she is my favorite character is because I relate a lot to her. It is hard being a Asian girl/woman in a Asian society with a different mind set. Like her, I’m very Americanize and sometime am criticize for my nonasian ways such as Kat. However Kat is a fighter and doesn’t let others break her down and know that although she has spent most of her time in a different country, she will not forget her roots….lol hopefully that may sense.

    And thanks alot for this draw/giveaway…plus I love your sub projects!!

  6. AnothaiDara says:

    Just to make things clear and protect your privacy, do not leave your email address in the comment box. Rather, leave a valid email address in the information section. I can see your info, but it isn’t displayed to the public. 🙂


  7. Neena says:

    oh thanks for that anothaidara

  8. mscindyx says:

    My favorite thai character would be Watin played by Ken in Ruk Ter Took Wan. The reason why he is my favorite is because he has such a charming and a sincere smile. Not just in this lakorn but mainly all the lakorns that I have seen him in. He has a smile that can light up the whole world. He’s such a sweetheart and his role always portray him as a wonderful gentlemen. I wish in real life there would be a prince charming like him. My heart melts everytime I see him in thai lakorns. His smile brings a smile upon my face. I would pull an all nighter just to finish watching his lakorns. hehehehe. I love you Ken!! ❤

  9. lb_tmi says:

    my favorite character in a Thai lakorn is definitely Anothai from Leaurd Kattiya. He is the epitome of a gentleman. He was fiercely loyal to Dara and his king. He was a strong warrior and did not back down in any battle that deserved to be fought. Of course, Tik’s portrayal and hotness oozed out of Anothai. he is my all time most favoritestest character and Leaurd Kattiya is my favorite lakorn.

  10. BK says:

    Ib_tmi took my original response, so I’ll pick another character. 🙂

    I like Quanuma in “Suey Rerd Cherd Sode” simply because Janie T. really puts herself out there to entertain us. I was laughing so hard during the first half of the lakorn. (It’s still airing so I don’t know how her character will change.) Although Quanuma has many character flaws, it’s easy to like and root for her. Besides, “Mai suey, mai rerd, tum mai dai.” (I think I quoted that correctly.)

    • lb_tmi says:

      sorry, BK.. but we can share! there is so much awesomeness in Anothai to go around. i just loved Tik’s portrayal of Anothai. there was not one second of the lakorn that i didn’t feel that Tik WAS NOT Anothai, cuz he was definitely THAT GOOD. and how handsome is Tik in uniform as the bodyguard? yeah, don’t even get me started on that… dayem!!!

      • BK says:

        Thanks for your willingness to share him, Ib_tmi! I used to find Thai lakorn characters so annoying. Then came Anothai. Now I’m addicted. I was infatuated with Tik for weeks…and I’ve never been starstruck in my life.

  11. Pa Houa Thao says:

    My favorite character is Anothai also know as Tik. I like him because in his movies, he always plays the role of a sweet, gentle person or an angry boy who turns out to be a sweet man. Either way, in his movies that I’ve seen, such as Roy Leh Sanae Rai (that I found from your page), he can play mean and greedy, but in the end, he’s a sweetheart. Anothai/Tik is a man with great acting. He is always the handsome sweet gentleman that girls want to be with. Anothai also played in another movie I really enjoyed, but I don’t know the name because I saw a translated version. He played the role of a blind man which showed that he can be nice but flirty. Anothai raises his voice in his movies to get the attention he deserves which I can relate to. GO ANOTHAI–TIK!

  12. Kashie19 says:

    Favorite character, Pojahmon from BanXaiTong. Love her because she is compassionate, strong and flawed. She is willing to call people out on things that they’re doing wrong. She has a sharp tongue, but a smart mind. I love her sense of sarcasm. Really Stings. She is strong but she knows who to yield to, who to show her vulnerabilities to. And I loved that she is flawed. So many lakorns like to portray their nang’eks with this perfect image, not Po, she makes many mistakes but over comes it and becomes someone better.


    I just want to thank you Anothaidara, you are certainly the best.

  13. Lala says:

    I would like to say that my favorite character will be Namnueng from Roy Leh Sanae Rai. They were a lot of aspect that was given to us viewer from her character, but yet her most unique quality from her character was being a strong independent woman that don’t really give a fist to anything or whoever is stopping her and that’s what I think that really brighten up the lakorn. Also we don’t really see as much character like Namnueng during the year of Roy Leh Sanae Rai and to given us viewer to watch a character like Namnueng it gives a lot of advice to us women out there that who is hurt and betrayed from love and can still find love all over again. That’s why that is also one reason why I loved her character was because though she was betrayed in love and by her husband she didn’t give in as easy and gone weak because of his charm; though easily you’ll see a typical character that will give in once their lover shower them with his charm and she didn’t. She kept testing him to see if he’s a change man and if not she’s ready to walk out of the door. Honestly, most women who are in love can’t and that’s what I really really loved about her strong character. Like I say there’s a lot of aspect from her character, but those are the few point that I loved about her character and made me enjoyed the lakorn.

    -Would like to say thank you Anothaidara ^_^

  14. Ploua Xiong says:

    My favorite Thai character is Theeradej / Ah-Joo from the drama: Botan Gleep Sudtai.
    He’s my favorite because of his personality. He tried and tried his hardest just so his Dad will approved of him and not blame him for being a sin of being born during the war that made them migrate to Thailand. His Dad and two older brother treats him harshly and blame him for others mistake or even theirs. After all of those events, he takes joy in his writing because he love to write novels. He takes pride in knowing that his Father enjoy reading his writing in a magazine that features his work under a different name. The fact that his older brothers took advantage of him and he still forgive them and when they asked for help, he still help them [Of course within reason.] because they’re family, makes you melts for him. People like him is 1 in a millions. I’m just glad that I have the chance to watch this wonderful drama.

  15. sunflower says:

    I have seen a lot of great lakorns, but above all Sao Thai Hi-Tech is my favorite lakorn even if it’s not yet finish. I enjoy watching this lakorn, because of Rin–she is ridiculously intelligent…the way she talk, express herself, and lie to get herself out of trouble. Rin’s spunky personality is what makes the drama so much fun to watch.

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