Aus the Star – Took Waylah [Every Time]

Artist: Aus the Star
Title: Took Waylah
English Title: Every Time
OST: Baan Nee Mee Ruk
Year: 2005

Bahng waylah tee chun kard,
At times when I feel inadequate,
Tur ja dterm hai gun
You fulfill my void
Bahng waylah tee nao sun,
At times when I’m trembling,
Tur ja pen oon ai
You give me warmth
Bahng waylah tee pae mah,
At times when I feel defeated,
Gaw young mee tur kao jai
I still have you to understand
Bahng waylah liew raai,
At times when things get harsh,
Chun young mee tur
I still have you

*Bahng waylah chun tum pid,
At times when I’d make a mistake,
Tur young yaum apai
You’d still forgive me
Bahng waylah chun raung hai,
At times when I’m crying,
Tur young hai lai ing
You’d lend me your shoulder to lean on
Mai chai kon tee chohk dee tee gert mah mee took sing
I’m not a fortunate person who was born with everything
Dtae chun chohk dee jing jing tee mee tur
But I’m truly blessed for having you

**Dtung dtae wan nun jon wan nee, took yahng young meuan derm
Ever since then until now, nothing has changed
Tur young meuan koey, young saen dee
You’re still the same, still wonderful
Yahk bauk wah seung jai
I want to tell you I’m touched
Dtau jark wan nee kon kon nee ja toom tay tung jai
From now on I will dedicate my heart to you entirely
Dtaub taen ruk tee ying yai
In return for your profound love
Dtaub taen nai kwarm wung dee
In return for your good intentions
Dtaub taen waylah tee chai chun
In return for the time you’ve given me
Duay took waylah kaung chun
With every bit of my time
Chun hai tur
I’ll devote it to you

Repeat * / ** twice

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