Bie the Star – Plur Ruk Mot Jai [Recklessly Fallen for You Completely]

Artist: Bie the Star
Title: Plur Ruk Mot Jai
English Title: Recklessly Fallen for You Completely
OST: Dok Ruk Rim Tang
Album: Love Series
Year: 2010

Rerm gung won rerm sup son dtem tee
I’m starting to get anxious and really confused
Ruang tee mee gert kum taam karng nai
Things that are happening make me doubt myself
Gaw mai roo tee pen mun keu arai
I don’t know what’s going on right now
Mai kao jai dtua eng keun took took tee
I understand myself less and less
Bauk dtua eng wah yah pai kid gurn loey
I tell myself not to overthink it
Rawahng rao mai kuan ja pen chen nee
Our relationship shouldn’t be like this
Dtae ying naan, gaw ying mai kauy ja dee
But as time passes, things keep getting worse
Jai chun nee mun rerm mai meuan derm
My heart is starting to be different from before

*Mun gert arai gub hua jai
What’s happening to my heart?
Kuab koom arai mai dai suk yahng
It doesn’t have control over anything
Ja halm young ngai gaw mai mee taang
No matter how much I forbid it, it’s impossible
Hai mun yoot kid teung tur
To stop thinking of you
Ja bauk young ngai gaw mai fung
No matter what I say, it won’t listen to me
Meua jai mun young riek raung hah tur
Since my heart keeps calling out for you
Kon diow nai jai chut jayn keu tur
The only one in my heart is clearly you
Tah taang mun kong ja plur ruk tur mot jai
It seems I’ve recklessly fallen for you completely

Gurn gwah kon kon neung tee koon koey
You’re more than just a familiar face
Gurn gwah kon tee kooey gun pai ngun ngun
You’re more than someone I talk to casually
Mun ying naan tao rai, gaw ying wun wun
As time passes, my fears escalate too
Jai chun mun kid gurn gwah tee koey
My heart starts to overthink even more than before

Repeat * twice

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1 Response to Bie the Star – Plur Ruk Mot Jai [Recklessly Fallen for You Completely]

  1. ophielianne says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful love song by Bie Sukrit. I’ve fallen in love with it since watching Dok Ruk RimTang. Trying to learn it but still struggling to pronounce the Thai words though. 😥😥😥

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