Endorphine – Yah Tum Hai Far Pid Wung [Don’t Disappoint the Heavens]

Artist: Endorphine
Title: Yah Tum Hai Fah Pid Wung
English Title: Don’t Disappoint the Heavens
Album: Suk-ga-wa 49
Year: 2005

Fah young mee dtah
The heavens must have eyes
Tee fah num tur mah ruam taang yoo gub chun
Because they led you to join me on this path
Taam glarng keun wun tee nurng lah gai jai
During times when I’m physically and emotionally drained
Hai young paw mee rang soo pai
You give me the strength to fight on

*Teung lom gaw roo wah chun young mee meu kaung tur
Even if I fall down I know that I still have your support
Teung chun nun plung reu plaad arai pai
Even if I mess up or make a mistake
Yahng noi young mee tur pen meuan sen chai
At least I still have you to be my finish line
Lae took took krung tee sia arai pai tao rai
And every time I lose anything
Gaw kid took krung wah dai arai mah
I’ve always considered that I gain something in return
Lae pob wah chun chohk dee suk pieng dai…tee pob tur
And discover how lucky I am…to have met you

**Yoo gun yahng nee naan naan na tur
Let’s stay together like this forever
Jark gun wan nai, fah kong ja pid wung
The moment we separate, Heaven would be disappointed
Yoo gun dtrong nee hua jai ja faak fung
Let’s stay here together, my heart will take refuge
Sai meu tur nun
There in your hands
Yah pai ani, yah pai nai, yah pai nai
Don’t go anywhere, don’t go anywhere, don’t go anywhere

Meua chun leum dtah
When I open my eyes
Gaw kau kae dai maung hen tur yoo gub chun
I only wish to see you with me
Hon taang ja glai soot kaub fah mai wun
The road may stretch into the horizon, but I won’t fear
Dai rarng wan pen tur mah laaw
I’ve already received you as my prize

Repeat * / **

Pid kwarm dtung jai tee pen kaung fah
We’ll defy Heaven’s intentions

Repeat **

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