Etc. – Natee Soot Tai [Last Moment]

Artist: Etc.
Title: Natee Soot Tai
English Title: Last Moment
OST: Buppay Leh Ruk
Album: Bring it Back
Year: 2009

Wan tee rao mee ruk hai krai suk kon
At the moment I fall in love with someone
Tah man pen pieng kwarm ruk karng diow,
If it turns out to be a one-sided love,
Gaw kong dtong sia jai
Of course I’d be hurt
Dtae ruk kao laaw
But now that I’ve fallen in love with her
Mai bauk mai yaum poot
I can’t bring myself to say it
Pieng kum diow lae ploi
They’re only but a few words to let out
Ploi man hai sai pai ying cham jai
But I let it out too late and so the pain exacerbated

*Kwarm nai jai kaung chun tee mee dtau tur
What I’ve kept in my heart for you
Man keu kum wah ruk
Are sentiments of love
Ruk dtang dtae wan tee pohp gan
It was love at first sight
Dtae meuan wah chun mai care
But it seemed as though I didn’t care about you
Mai koey son jai nai kwarm roo seuk kaung jai tur loey suk krung
Never showed interest in your feelings, not even once
Yahk hai roo man mai jing
I want you to know that it’s not true

**Lae nai cheewit kaung chun dtong garn kae pieng kon diow keu tur
And there’s only one person I need in my life and that’s you
Gaw kong mai mee pra-yot dtong ton gep wai nai jai
This is probably pointless and I should keep my feelings hidden inside
Yahk bauk hai tur dai roo
I just want you to know
Chun ja mai nee kwarm jing jark nee pai
I won’t avoid the truth from now on
Natee soot tai kong young mai sai sam rap rao
This very last moment may not be too late for us

Repeat * / **

Fao ror mah naan saen naan;
I’ve waited so long for this;
Wan tee glah ja bauk tur pai
The day when I’d have the courage to tell you
Poot mah jark jai kong chun
To speak from my heart
Wah chun ruk tur
To say I love you

Repeat **

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