Peacemaker – Soot Tai [Lastly]

Artist: Peacemaker
Title: Soot Tai
English Title: Lastly
Album: Panorama
Year: 2005

Soot tai, chun kau urie kum soot tai
The last, please let me have the last word
Chun kau bauk tur dai mai
May I talk to you?
Chun wung wah tur kong fung
I hope that you’ll listen to me
Soot tai, tung chun lae tur pid wung
At last, both you and I are in dismay
Long lurah dtae pieng kwarm lung
All that’s left is the past
Praw ruk rao pung ta-laai
Because our love has fallen apart

*(Dtae) Chun ja jum sing tee tur tum,
(But) I’ll remember the things you did,
Pun krung tee tur tum dee
Your countless good deeds
(Lae) Chun ja leum sing tee tur pen,
(And) I’ll forget who you are,
Sip krung tee mun rai rai
The occasional bad times

**Soot tai, chun kau hai rao mai grot
Lastly, let’s not be mad at each other
Lerk rah gun pai duay kwarm mai glied
Let’s break up without bearing hate
Rao ja lah duay kwarm kao jai
Let’s part with understanding
Prot roo wai na chun ruk tur maak
Please know that I love you very much
Lae chun mai aht mee krai
And there will be no one else
Peua yim lae peua raung hai dai tiem tao tur
Who I’ll smile and cry for as much as you
Mai roo ja mee krai mai dai tiem tao tur
I don’t know if anyone will be able to compare to you

Mai roo jai tur ja jum baep nai
I don’t know what you will remember me as
Hen chun pen kon liew rai
Will you think of me as a jerk?
Reu chun young pen kon dee
Or will I still be a good man to you?
Mai roo naan pai ja young grot chun
I don’t know if you’ll resent me forever
Reu prom apai hai chun
Or if you’ll be ready to forgive me
Neuk teung ruang rao koey mee
When you think about our past memories

Repeat * / **

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