Touch – Ruk La-laai [Melted Love]

Artist: Touch Na Takuatoong
Title: Ruk La-laai
English Title: Melted Love
Year: 2010

Chun nun hai ruk tur pai tung dtua lae hua jai
I gave my love to you with all my heart and soul
Gaw roo wah tur gam-lang mot jai long pai took took wan
But I knew that your love was declining gradually each day
Chun eng gaw roo dtua rao mai kuan mor som gan
And I’m aware that we’re not suited for each other
Tum dai kae ror waylah tao nun hai tur jark chun glai
All I can do is wait for the moment you leave me

*Jai tur nun gaw meuan naam kaeng
Your heart is like ice
Dtong la-laai lae jaang haai pai
Which has to thaw and melt away
Hai sook jai chun dai mai naan gaw plan sa-laai
The happiness you gave me didn’t last long before it shattered to pieces

**Yahk hai roo wai teung ruk kaung tur la-laai
I’d like you to know that though your love has melted
Dtae ruk kaung chun young dern dtor pai
My love continues to thrive
Kae sin lom haai-jai tao nun
It’s just running out of breath
Yahk hai roo wai teung mae ja mai ruk gan
I’d like you to know that though you no longer love me
Dtae kau hai chun ruk tur dtor pai jon wan tee chun dtaai
Please let me continue to love you until the day that I die

Roo dee yoo laaw tur kong mai naan ja dtong pai
I’ve known all along that you had to leave eventually
Wan nee tee leua gaw pieng sayt jai tee tur mee hai gan
Now all that’s left are the remnants of your heart that you have for me
Leua pieng sayt naam kaeng dtong la-laai heuat haai plan
All that’s left are remnants of ice that must melt and evaporate
Kae kau hai chun cheun chom gap mun jon wan soot tai
Please just let me revel in them until my final day

Repeat * / ** twice

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