Ying Thitikarn – Ja Mee Proong Nee Hai Chun Reu Plao [Is There a Tomorrow for Me?]

Artist: Ying Thitikarn
Title: Ja Mee Proong Nee Hai Chun Reu Plao
English Title: Is There a Tomorrow for Me?
Album: Dtam-naeng Taen Keu Faen Noi
Year: 2010

Tur mai yom sop dtah chun laaw,
You refuse to look into my eyes and then
Gep kong rong wah ja pai
Packed your things, exclaimed that you’re leaving
Naam dtah chun laai tao-rai gaw tao nan
No matter how much I cry, it’s pointless
Pid arai gaw yang mai roo,
I still don’t know what I’m guilty of,
Dtae doo meuan dohn toht prah-hahn
But it feels like I’m getting executed
Praw chun kong rawt mai naan tah tur jark pai
Because I won’t survive too long if you were leave

*Yahk oot-tawn wawn tur suk krang
I’d like to make an appeal and plead to you
Yahk dee-gah hai fah hen jai
I’d like to petition for Heaven’s sympathy
Yah jark pai praw chun gaw mee kae tur
Don’t leave me because you’re all that I have

**Tur ja mee proong nee hai chun reu plao
Will you give me tomorrow?
Mee kwarm wung hai chun bahng mai
Is there any hope for me?
Mee hua jai leua leua bahng mai tur
Do you have the slightest feelings left for me?
Tur ja mee proong nee hai chun reu plao
Will you give me tomorrow?
Kon puat raao gaw fao dtae pur
As a broken-hearted woman, I can only wait senselessly
Mai mee tur, dtong cham kon dieow jon dtaai
Without you, I’ll have to suffer alone until death

Gaw mai roo wah wan proong nee ja mee hai hen reu plao
I don’t know if there’s a tomorrow for me to witness
Mun nep mun naao praw tur mai mee jai
It’s freezing cold because you don’t have a heart
Gep gra-pao ja pai laaw ruh
You’ve packed your bag, I guess you’re leaving
Ying mong nah tur jai mun haai
As I stare at you, my heart disintegrates
Keun nee ja bpen ja dtaai krai ja roo
Who knows whether I’ll make it through tonight?

Repeat * / ** twice

Mai mee tur, ja haai-jai pai tummai
Without you, what would be the point of breathing?

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