Namcha/Techin – Kon Mai Roo Tua [Unaware]

Title: Kon Mai Roo Tua
English Title: Unaware
OST: Wiwah Wah Woon [Chaotic Wedding]
Year: 2010

Yoo duay gan jon mun koon koey
We were together until I got used to it
Dai maung tur jon mun koon dtah
I looked at you until it became a familiar sight
Sing tee chun koey chin reuay mah keu tur kon nee
What I gradually became acquainted to was you
Gaw mai roo wah jai mun kid young ngai gub tur suk tee
It’s just that I never knew how my heart felt about you

Took reuang dee dee, chun maung mai hen mun
All the good things, I couldn’t see them
Yoo duay gan mai koey roo jai
I never recognized my feelings when we were together
Kaht tur pai peung ja roo dtua
I suddenly became aware of them once you were gone
Sing tee mun dterm dtem hua jai chun mun kaht hai
I’d lost the one thing that completed my heart

*Mai mee tur tummai mun ngao jon jai taeb ton mai wai
Why is it so lonely that I can hardly stand it without you?
Took reuang mun plien plang pai praw tur
Everything has changed because of you

**Kon kon neung peung roo wah tur sum kun gern krai
I just realized that you mean more than anyone else
Lae pen kon diow tee jai
And you’re the only person in my heart
Aep gep saun wai mah naan
I’ve kept it hidden for so long
Gert keun doai mai tun roo dtua
It happened unconsciously
Mai aht ja feun kwarm dtong garn
I can’t oppose my desires
Mun kon halm wai mai tun
I won’t be able to stop my feelings
Meua jai tung mot kaung chun, ruk tur
When with all my heart, I love you

Yoo duay gan mai koey kao jai
I never understood it when we were together
Glai tao rai mai koey hen kah
Never appreciated you when you were close
Sing tee doo wah chin, sai dtah chun maung karm pai
What I got used to seeing, my eyes overlooked

Repeat * / ** twice

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