Techin & Namcha – Wiwah Wah Woon [Chaotic Wedding]

Artist: Techin & Namcha
Title: Wiwah Wah Woon
English Title: Chaotic Wedding
OST: Wiwah Wah Woon [Chaotic Wedding]
Year: 2010

Tah kon tee ruk jur gan kao riek mun wah prom likit
When two lovers meet they call it destiny
Tae tur gub chun jur gan chun wah rao suk kon kid pid
But when you and I met, I think someone made a mistake
Jark tee mai kid kid kid arai
I used to never think, think, think anything of it
Yoo pai yoo pai wun neung gaw rerm kid
But then one day I began to wonder
Nai kwarm tee rao sa-nit meuan mun sep-dtit tee chun mee tur
From our closeness it seems like I’m addicted to being with you

Tah kon tee ruk gan jing kao dtong garn kae kwarm kao jai
If two people really love each other, all they need is understanding
Tae tur gub chun derm pun, ruk kaung rao pra-mahn tao rai
But you and I made a bet, how much would you appraise our love?
Tok long ja ruk ruk ruk gun dee
We agreed to love, love, love each other on good terms
Tae doo gee tee tah taang ja woon wai
But on second thought, it looks like there’ll be chaos
Mai mee krai dai arai tah kop gan pai mai ruk gan jing
No one will benefit if our relationship isn’t based on true love

*Woon gan dee nuk, ruk gan loey dee mai
It’s too chaotic, why don’t we love each other instead?
Mai dtong nurah jai,
It doesn’t have to be stressful,
Teu wah dtut rum-kahn
Think of it as cutting out the aggravation
Mai dtong mah wur wern
We don’t have to beat around the bush
Hai mun tau-ra-man hua jai
And put our hearts through torture
Kae tur gub chun mai dtong gieng gan na
As long as we don’t have to argue
Wah krai kaht toon krai mun ja pae krai
Over who’ll incur the loss or who’ll be the loser
Wah woon dtor pai kong mai mai
I won’t last if this chaos continues
Yaum hai gan sa tee
Let’s call it truce

Tah pen yahng sarn kay-mee
If we were like a chemical reaction
Kao kao gan dai dee took yahng
Everything would mix together perfectly fine
Dtae tur gub chun young ngai
But what’s up with us?
Song sai kong dtong wahng hai hahng
I guess we need to stay far away from each other
Jur gan tee nai dtong look pen fai
Whenever we meet we burst into flames
Gra-jerng gra-jai gan pai sa took taang
Disorder explodes in every direction
Kao gan mai dai suk yahng
We can’t agree on anything
Dtong kauy ra-wung mai roo tummai
I have to keep my guard up and don’t know why

Repeat * twice

Wah woon dtor pai kong mai mai
I won’t last if this chaos continues
Yaum hai gan sa tee
Let’s call it truce

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