NOS – Pram Pur [Delirious]

Artist: NOS
Title: Pram Pur
English Title: Delirious
Year: 2010

Mae waylah ja moon pai
Even though time will keep turning
Lae took sing raup gaai plien pan klern pai karng nah
And everything around me changes and shifts forward
Dtae chun eng leuk ja yoot hua jai
I’ll still choose to keep my heart frozen,
Yoot ao wai gap wan tee paan mah
To keep it frozen in the past

Cheewit nee mee peua ruk tur
My life exists in order to love you

*Ying leum tur tao rai
The more I forget you
Ying bpert jai hai krai
The more I open up to another
Gaw ying tum hai jai tau-rah-man
The more it brings pain to my heart
Dtae kid teung tur meua rai
But whenever I think of you
Maung yaun pai wan waan
And look back to the past
Tum hai jai chun eng dai bpen sook
It brings happiness to my heart

Wan deun pee ja pon pai
Days, months, and years will pass
Fon reu lom nao mah
Rain and cold winds will come
Reu-doo dai dai gaw mai dtaang
None of the seasons will make a difference
Haang gan saen glai meuan dai yoo glai tur
We’re so far apart, but it would feel as if you were nearby
Kae dai pur teung reuang tee paan mah
As long as I can hallucinate about the past

Tummai dtong maung pai kaang nah
Why must I look ahead
Meua sing tee hen mai mee kah
When what I see means nothing?
Tum dtua long loi meuan kon bah
I’ll just drift along like an idiot
Dtae chun gaw bpen sook took krahng tee kid teung tur
But I’d still be happy every time I think of you
Took krahng tee pram pur
Every time I get delirious

Repeat * twice

Cheewit nee mee peua ruk tur
My life exists in order to love you
(Repeat 3 times)

Dtae kae nai chun young kid teung
But how long will I keep missing you?

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