Bodyslam – Ploy [Let Go]

Artist: Bodyslam Feat. Pod (Modern Dog)
Title: Ploy
English Title: Let Go
Album: Kraam
Year: 2010

Feun kom meuan kon mai mee num dtah
Resisting as though you have no tears
Feun ton gap kwarm chum kaung wan wahn
Enduring the pain from yesterday
Gap reuang rao tee taan mah
With all the problems that have occurred

Meua took sing wok won karng nai hua jai
When everything circles around in your heart
Took kum young dtauk yum tum laai jai
Every word emphasizes damage to your heart
Wah ruk kong mai glap mah eek laaw
Saying that love may never return again

Plien, wan tee jai nun plien
Change, the day your heart changed
Wan tee kon neung kon ting gan
Ever since the day a certain someone left you
Wan tee tur taung gleun taung gep
The day you had to swallow it in
Wan tee tau-rah-man
That painful day
Wan tee gern ja ton rap man ao wai
It was more than you could handle

Yahk ja raung bahng mai
Do you ever feel like crying?
Raung hai gap man suk tee
Then go ahead lash out at it just once
Raung suk krung, raung paw hai mee num dtah mah bang bao
Cry one time, cry and let out your tears to ease the pain
Raung jon gwah ja leum reuang rao
Cry until you forget your problems

Meua ruk plien lurah tur tee young meuan derm
Since love has changed and you’re the only thing that hasn’t
Hua jai nurah pieng nai tee fao kauy
How exhausted will your heart be from waiting
Tae ruk kong mai glap mah eek laaw
If love never returns again?
Ploy, wan nee tur kae ploy
Let go, just let go of it today
Wan nee tur kao jai sia tee
Today you must understand
Wan tee lok tung bai nan plien
It’ll be the day your whole world changes

Tur gaw kong taung ploy
You have to let go
Paw sia tee, yah ton rung mun ao wai
Enough already, don’t hold on to it

*Yahk ja raung gaw raung
If you want to cry, then cry
Raung hai gap garn rum-lah
Cry and say goodbye
Raung suk krung, raung hai gap kon tee kong mai glap mah
Cry just once, cry for the person who won’t be coming back
Raung jon gwah ja mot num dtah
Cry until your tears run dry
Gaw ploy hai jai raung suk krung
So let yourself cry just once
Raung jon gwah man ja chin lae chah
Cry until you become apathetic to the pain
Raung krung nee, raung hai gap ruk lae wan waylah
This time cry, cry for love and time
Hai yot num dtah man lohp parb nai hua jai
So that your tears will erase the memories in your heart

Ploy, wan nee tur kae ploy
Let go, just let go of it today
Paw sia tee yah ton rung mun ao wai
Enough already, don’t hold on to it
Repeat *

Wan nan, sing nan, a rung wai tummai
That day, that event, why hold on to it?
Wan nee, proong nee, kwarm fun young yao glai
Today, tomorrow, your dreams stretch much further
Kwarm ruk wan nan, hai rien roo man ao wai
That past love, take it as a lesson learned
Soot tai cheewit man suay ngarm pieng dai
In the end your life will be very beautiful
Ploy, wan nee tur kae ploy
Let go, just let go of it today
Paw num dtah man lohp lern pai
Once the tears fade away
Suk wan gaw kong kao jai
You’ll understand it one day

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