Potato – Bung-urn, Lok Glom, Prom Likit [Coincidence, Round World, Fate]

Artist: Potato
Title: Bung-urn, Lok Glom, Prom Likit
English Title: Coincidence, Round World, Fate
OST: Bung-urn…Ruk Mai Sin Soot (As It Happens)
Year: 2010

Pen kwarm taung garn jark fah reu kwarm taung garn jark krai
Was it Heaven’s bidding or someone’s wish
Tee mah tum hai saung rao dai mah jur gan
That led us two to find each other?
Tur pieng kae dern paan pon,
You were just passing by,
Chun pieng kae won paan pai
I was just wandering along
Tae tummai hua jai rao jeung pook pun
So how did our hearts become intertwined?

*Reu wah mun keu prom likit tee krai mah keed wai
Could it be a fate that’s already been written?
Tae gaw tum hai hua jai dai chai ruk krai suk kon
Regardless, I was able to use my heart to love another
Bon lok nee mee kon yoo pen roi lahn kon
There are hundreds of millions of people in this world
Tae won mah dai pob tur
But I wound up meeting you
Kwarm bung-urn plien cheewit chun pai
Coincidence has changed my life
Kar raek jur tee pob tur
Ever since our initial meeting
Gaw meuan jur took sing tee chun raw
It’s like I’ve found everything I’ve been waiting for

Ja bin karm pai eek fah reu wah ja pai tee dai,
Whether we soar to different skies or anywhere else,
Mun gaw young mai pon hai rao taung jur gan
We still couldn’t escape running into each other
Tee lok mun glom baep nee kong mee het pon kaung mun
There’s probably a reason to why this world is round
Tee tum hai chun dai mah jur tur
It’s the reason I found you

Repeat * twice

Gaw meuan jur took sing
It’s like I’ve found everything
Lae praw tur keu sing tee chun raw
Because you’re the one thing I’ve been waiting for

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