Am Fine – Trong Nai Kaung Hua Jai Tur [Where in Your Heart?]

Artist: Am Fine
Title: Trong Nai Kaung Hua Jai Tur
English Title: Where in Your Heart?
Album: Little Room
Year: 2009

Meuan ja roo dtae mai roo
Seems like I should know, but I don’t
Mai roo jing jing kon dee
Really haven’t got a clue, baby
Tee rao kop yoo taun nee tur jing jang kae nai
How committed are you to this relationship?
Took krung tee dern jap meu, tah-nah rao keu arai
Whenever we’re out holding hands, what’s our status?
Kon ruk chai mai reu kae peuan kon neung
Am I your lover or just a friend?

Taam wah yim hai krai na
I asked who you were smiling at
Gaw hah wah chun gao gai
And you accuse me of being meddlesome
Chun kae taam ja pai nai
I only asked where you were going
Tur gaw bauk haam hueng
And you tell me not to get jealous
Wan nee young kui duay dee
Today, we’re still speaking on good terms
Proong nee tur pen yahng neung
But tomorrow is another story
Pen yahng nan chun gaw luey kah jai
I feel unsettled with things being that way

*Kae yahk roo wah chun pen krai
I just want to know who I am to you
Yoo trong nai kaung hua jai tur
Where am I in your heart?
Hai yoo chai mai reu hai pai dee gwah
Should I stay or would it be better to leave?
Hai pen kon kreung kreung glaang glaang
You only give yourself partially
Gae arom ahng wahng kae bahng waylah reu plao
Am I just a temporary fix for when you feel isolated?
Reu kae ngao, chun mai kao jai tur
Or are you just lonely? I don’t understand you

Meuan ja leuk, dtae mai seung
Seems profound, but rather shallow
Chun mai koi nae jai
I can never be sure
Reu tee tae kae aun wai
Is the truth that you’re just vulnerable
Tur mai dai ruk chun
And that you don’t love me?
Long taam hua jai dai mai
Couldn’t you try to ask your heart?
Roo laaw hai chuay bauk chun
Once you find out, please tell me
Reuang yahng nan chun mai yahk kah jai
I don’t want to feel unsettled over such matters

Repeat * twice

Reu kae ngao, poot hai kao jai tee
Or are you just lonely? Tell me so I can understand

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