Aof Pongsak – Foon La-oong [Dust Particle]

Artist: Aof Pongsak
Title: Foon La-oong
English Title: Dust Particle
Album: Life is Colorful
Year: 2010

Mai koey mee arai tee man nae naun suk yahng
Not a single thing in this world is absolute
Ruang tee man mai nah gert keun gert dai samur
Things that shouldn’t be happen all the time
Ruk gan mah taeb pen taeb dtaai
I love her to death
Kao young tum hai roo wah jai kaung kon
But she made me realize that people’s heart
Plien dai took wan, took waylah
Can change any day, at any time

Koey pai nai gaw dern jub meu
We’d hold hands wherever we went
Gaud kau lau len gan
With my arm around her neck we’d joked with each other
Meu tee koey jub gan wan nee took sa-but ting
She used to hold my hand, but now she flings it away
Mae ja took ja tau-rah-man
Even though I’m stricken with grief
Meuan gap kon tee sai man pai took sing
Like a man who has lost everything
Gaw mai son jai
She could care less

*Meua nai wan nee
When at this moment
Mee kah kae foon la-oong,
My worth is tantamount to just a dust particle,
Kae foon la-oong tee laung loy pai
Just a dust particle that’s drifting away
Mai wah ja gert arai, kao gaw mai hun mah maung
No matter what’s happening, she won’t look in my direction
Num dtah tee taung sia pai mai mee kah luey rub raung
The tears I shed are worth no guarantees
Kao gaw kae maung paan paan, kae nan eng
She’ll just look past them, that’s all

Mae tae nah tae dtah wan nee kao young mai maung
She won’t even look me in the eyes nowadays
Mai taung pai riek raung arai, dai dtae yaum rub
There’s no need to make demands, I can only accept it
Rub laaw roo nai chohk cha-dtah
And acknowledge my fate
Kao hai ruk, dtae mai hai pen jao kaung
She let’s me love her, but she won’t let me be hers
Mai dai sum kun
It doesn’t matter

Repeat *

Num dtah tee taung sia pai rai kah tah mai ruk gan
The tears that I shed are worthless if she doesn’t love me
Kao gaw kae maung paan paan, kae nan eng
She’ll just look past them, that’s all

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