Be Peerapat – Naliga [Clock]

Artist: Be Peerapat
Title: Naliga
English Title: Clock
Album: Medium Rare
Year: 2009

Naliga young dern moon pai, mai yoot
The clock keeps turning, it never stops
Jai karng nai gaw luey moon taam duay kwarm sook took wien won
And so my heart happily follows its lead with each turn
Wan waylah gap kwarm sum pun kaung kon
Time and people’s relationships
Moon pai, mai yoot luey
Keep revolving, they never stop

*Neung nahtee aht ja paw, paw hai koey koon gan
A single minute may be enough for an introduction
Neung chua mong aht tum hai kon chaub gan
An hour could lead to affection
Lae neung wan aht pook pun jon ruk gan
And a day could turn a relationship into love

**Dtae tung mot cheewit,
But a whole lifetime,
Man ja paw mai tee ja chai peua leum
Would it be enough to forget
Mai kid teung kon neung kon
And not think of a certain someone?
Tung mot cheewit, waylah tee young lurah
A whole lifetime, the rest of my time remaining
Ja paw mai hai jai dai lop lahng kwarm pook pun
Would it be enough to erase our relationship?

Peua leum kon neung kon
So that I can forget a certain someone

Naliga young dern moon pai, mai plien
The clock keeps turning, that never changes
Jai karng nai glap dern chah long, mai trong mai tao waylah
My heartbeat slows down, out of sync with time
Naliga gap garn plud prark jark lah
Time, separation, and goodbyes
Moon pai mai glap keun
Proceed forward and never reverse

Repeat * / **

Hahk naliga yaun wan waylah glap pai
If I could turn back time on my watch
Teung wan tee rao jur gan
To the day when we met
Laaw chun ja tum yahng rai
Then what would I do?
Taub jai tua eng, tah yaun pai wi-nah-tee nan
I tell myself, if I could go back to that very second
Chun gaw ja tum yahng derm
I wouldn’t change a thing
Chun ja ruk tur yahng derm
I would love you just like I did then

Repeat ** till end

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