Potato – Kow Taang [In Your Favor]

Artist: Potato
Title: Kow Taang
English Title: In Your Favor
Album: Sense
Year: 2007

Tur prum bauk
You keep saying
Sing tee chun pen tur rap mai wai
You can’t accept me for who I am
Hai chun kao jai wah hai hahng wai
That I should be understanding and give you space
Hai plien dtua eng peua hai tur ruk
That I should change myself in order for you to love me

*Tee chun tum pai mot tung hua jai
Everything I’ve done has been in earnest
Nai tee soot laaw gaw hak lung,
But if I get betrayed in the end anyway,
Tum peua arai
Why should I do it?
Tum pai tao nai
How far will I take it?
Kow taang tur luey chai mai
It worked out in your favor, right?
Pluk chun hai glai auk pai
You pushed me out of the picture
Peua jai tur mee krai mai,
Just so you could be with someone else,
Peua mee kon mai
So you could have a new man
Gaw kong kae nan tee tur taung garn
That’s probably all you needed anyway
Tah roo wah pen yahng nee
If I had known things would turn out this way
Ja mai sia waylah plien plang arai
I wouldn’t have wasted time trying to change anything
Kong mai taung nuey
I wouldn’t have strained myself
Kong mee krai mai young dee gwah mai
It would have been better to find a new girl
Plien jai hai krai tee kao taung garn
Switch my heart over to someone who actually wants it

Wah mah tur
Just say it
Yah glua wah chun rap mai wai
Don’t be afraid that I won’t be able to handle it
Gaw chun kao jai wah tur kauy kid
I know that it’s been on your mind
Kauy plien dtua eng, mun gaw kae nan
You’ve been trying to adjust yourself, but it’s pointless

Repeat * twice

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