Album Review: Clash – Nine Miss U 2

Artist: Clash
Album: Nine Miss U 2
CD Release Date: September 30, 2010
VCD Release Date: October 21, 2010

Track List:
01 – Lahng Sang-Haun (I Feel Presage)
02 – Reuang Garn Ruk (Lovitic) : Love Matters/Love-related
03 – Pleng Soot Tai : Last Song
04 – Love Does Exist
05 – Grab Din : Pay Respect to the Earth
06 – Poo Gan Koo Gan Hua Jai Hai Tur (Drawing) (Yak)
07 – Grong (Feat. Pop The Sun) : Cage
08 – Dtua Dtaai Jai Soo (Zum) : Physically Dead But My Heart Fights On
09 – I’m Here for You (Feat. Zita Zalai) (Pon)
10 – Let Me Give it to You (Bank)

As some of you may know, I am a huge Clash fan. I can’t claim to being the biggest or even one of the first, but I can say that I have been a loyal fan ever since I heard their music back in 2006. (See, I boarded the train rather late.) They were actually one of the main inspirations behind my subbing hobby. I really wanted to spread their music to international fans who loved them despite the language barrier. (BTW, you guys are so awesome!) With Nine Miss U 2 being their last album together as a band, I was a little apprehensive to delve right into it even though I had been anticipating it for awhile. For one, it’s their LAST album. Second, I knew it would be a bittersweet ride. And third, my expectations were pretty high. So, without further ado…

The album as a whole is pretty mediocre. A few tracks stood out, but it’s no Emotion or Rock of Ages. Now before you drop that jaw, let me explain. I am a big spoiler-phobe when it comes to entertainment — dramas, movies, music, etc. — so I didn’t read up on what their album concept would be. Anyway, based on the track titles and corresponding singers listed, it wasn’t hard to guess that there would be some new voices on the album. So I assume the concept was to let each member display their talents vocally and musically, as the songs are quite distinct from the usual Clash sound, so to speak. Perhaps it’s meant to give us an idea for what they meant when they explained the reason for their disbanding — that each member wanted to do his own individual thing. I actually like this concept, but I just wish we got more Clash as a whole (as I’m used to) and perhaps the other songs could have been bonus tracks. I’m just saying. Now, the biggest surprise wasn’t hearing the other members sing, but rather, hearing Bank sing an R&B track…in English! Entirely. Now this I was not expecting. It was actually a pleasant surprise and quite clever to finish off the album in this manner.

Although Lahng Sang-haun (I Feel Presage) had already been released in May, the track still stood out because of the extension, which has a nice break. If Pleng Soot Tai doesn’t manage to extract a tear or two, Grab Din should make them pour like a river. Bank has written many songs for his late mother, but this has got to be his most heartfelt one to date. You can really feel the pain in his voice and the lyrics? Well, they’re just so filial. I think he’s finally at peace now. I hope so. Grong and Dtua Dtaai Jai Soo are a little more rock heavy, especially the latter. I’m Here for You is a sweet love song beautifully laced with Zita’s voice, who I think is highly underrated. Let Me Give it to You is the English track I mentioned earlier. The song is pretty good and catchy. Check it out below:

I know this album will grow on me in due time. What I’ve written is a review based on first impressions and are solely my opinion. Let me know what you guys think of the album. 🙂

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6 Responses to Album Review: Clash – Nine Miss U 2

  1. Andrew Jung says:


    First off thank you for all your subbing jobs they are awesome. I am an American born Thai(I speak thai) but I don’t know where to get Clashes new Album. can you passs me a link on where to get it?



  2. Tommy Kovin says:

    I too am a huge Clash fan. And like you, i’ve only started listening to them for a couple of years. Clash is not just my favorite “Thai rock band.” Clash is my favorite band, period. I’m listening to the NMU2 album as i’m typing this right now. I actually learned some thai just by listening to Clash. Which was fairly easy because i am Laotian.

    I also agree with you on the best albums being “Emotion” and “Rock of AGES.” Almost every single track on those albums are good.

    As for the NMU2 album, i must say…it’s actually pretty good. I mean at first it’s like, “ehh, it’s alright.” But the more i listen to it, the more it grows on me. It’s hard for me not to like a Clash song. I have EVERY single song of theirs. But anyways, overall, i like the album and i think they did a good job for what it’s meant to be.

    My opinion on Bank going R&B…who didn’t see this coming, right? The signs were everywhere! I gotta admit, i was pretty disappointed at first. The main reason for that is that i’m not a huge fan of R&B music. So naturally, after hearing my favorite rock singer go R&B, i was like, “….dammit.” It was hard to take in because one of the reasons i love Clash is because of Bank’s incredible voice. An R&B-ish voice with awesome rock music. It was rare, and it matched so well. But i came to an understanding. Why should a band stay together if they grew to like different genres and want to persue different goals? No artist should have to feel “stuck” in a band they no longer want to be in.

    Clash was a great band and i will always love them. They gave us so much good music. Even though they will no longer be together, we still have all their great songs to listen to whenever we want. I can’t imagine how i would be feeling if i actually listened to them since “Album ONE.” Those fans must be hurting worse.

    In conclusion…Clash was great. Nine Miss U 2 is a great last album. And even though they’re no longer together, i will be forever bumping CLASH in my headphones! =]

  3. joe says:

    hi how are u ? what are u doing ? i like ur music

  4. Thank you for everyone’s comments on here and I am very touched by all of your words and feelings. I also would like to thank Anothaidara. you have been so……..i don’t know how to say it in words. English or Thai but I can say that I am one of Bank’s closest friends and my Thai is not so good but with all that you have done for us.You are as special, if not more than the artist or Bands that you translate for. Thank you and I hope I get to meet you one day to shake your hand. I am on facebook look for Alex Seengoen.

  5. Melissa Yang says:

    I can’t believe that I have not discovered this site before! Now that I have, you’ll see me coming back a lot.

    Clash is my ultimate favorite Thai artist. I’ve been a fan since 2003 and the announcement of their disbandment didn’t really kick in until they released “Last Song.” Right now, I am currently having a major Clash withdrawal even though it has already been a year since the group has disbanded. Haha. I know, I’m weird.

    I’ve tried listening to other Thai bands and there is just something about Clash’s music that gets me like other band’s can’t. I know that Clash is disliked by many Thai music fans because of their love songs and their rock ballad songs but I love these songs! I mean, I don’t understand the songs but that’s the beauty of it, too. Music speaks a universal language and Clash makes beautiful music. I can’t even come up with the right words to describe their softer songs and their rockier or upbeat tracks are catchy and brilliant. I love the chemistry the members have with each and I think it shows through their music.

    Despite my lack of knowledge in the Thai language, I can certainly sing along to Clash’s songs. I have all-time favorite tracks from each album but my absolute favorite albums are Brainstorm, Emotion, and Rock of Ages. I am pretty close to putting Nine Miss U 2 on that list. I thought it was just so-so at first but after two or three trials, I fell in love with it. I love how much colors each member brought into this album. I didn’t get bored of this album because it had so much variety. I felt like I really got to know each member more through their solo tracks. Bank’s track was the hardest for me to listen to at first though.

    Because I have gotten so used to Bank in a rock group singing rocks songs, hearing him sing R&B was just a little weird for me even though it has always been pretty obvious that R&B was his thing. For Thai music, I have two favorite voices and Bank is one of them. He is a pretty versatile singer and there is an overflowing of emotions when he sings and this is why I think rock ballads were just so perfect for Clash. Nobody can do Thai rock ballads like this band. If it wasn’t for his voice, I don’t think I would’ve been this big of a Clash fan. Clash is a very talented group but them being able to make rock work for them with Bank’s R&B voice is just extra special. Anywho, Bank’s solo track may be my least favorite but it’s actually not that bad. I can at least finish listening to it instead of pressing “skip.”

    I’ve never been to a concert before so Clash was the first musical artist that I’ve seen live. In 2009, I was fortunate enough to have met Clash and watch them perform live when they came over for their US Tour. I am still awestruck at the fact that I actually had a conversation with Pon and that Bank threw his sweaty tank at me. Along with being a fan since 2003, these memories made it so much harder for me to deal with their separation. I still have hopes in them getting back together to do something special but as of now, like the person above said, “Clash was a great band and I will always love them. They gave us much good music. Even though they will no longer be together, we still have all their great songs to listen to whenever we want… I will be forever bumping CLASH in my headphones!”

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