25 Hours – Jum Dai Mai [Do You Remember?]

Artist: 25 Hours
Title: Jum Dai Mai
English Title: Do You Remember?
Album: 25 Hours
Year: 2009

Long pa-yah-yaam tao-rai
As hard as I try,
Tur young yeun yan wah tur ja pai
You still insist on leaving
Mae ja rang suk tao-rai
No matter how I try to stop you
Keun lae wan tee koey kao jai,
The past I once understood,
Reuang rao maak mai tao-rai
Our countless memories
Tur kong leum took yahng mai leua yeua yai
You’ve probably forgotten them all and have no attachments

*Dtae yahng rai gaw dtaam, gon tee tur ja dtat sin jai
But so be it, before you finalize your decision
Proht fang chun piang ja taam tur
Please hear me out, I just want to ask you

**Jum dai mai
Do you remember?
Ta-non tee tur gap chun koey dern paan
The path we once traveled on together
Jum dai mai
Do you remember?
Meua krang tee tur bauk chun wah ruk gwah krai
The time you said you loved me more than anyone else
Young jum dai reu plao
Do you still remember?
(Tur leum pai reu plao)
(Have you forgotten?)

Mong nai waew dtaa kaung tur
From the look in your eyes
Kae mong gaw roo wah tur ja pai
One glance and I can tell you’re going to leave
Chun taung prom ja tum jai
I’ll have to brace myself
Tur kong mee taang taung pai
You probably have somewhere to go
Dtae chun kong mai leua krai
But I won’t have anyone left
Young mee dtae tur tee yahng kong fang nai jai
You’ll always be the only one buried in my heart

Repeat * / ** three times

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