25 Hours – Tum Dai Piang [All I Can Do]

Artist: 25 Hours
Title: Tum Dai Piang
English Title: All I Can Do
Album: 25 Hours
Year: 2009

Naan gwah ja tum jai,
It’ll be awhile until I cope with this,
Gwah ja rien roo mun pen yahng rai
Until I learn what it’s like
Ruk kaung tur gap chun mun mai ngai
The love between you and me isn’t easy
Meua wan waylah tee kauy sung saun hai rao kao jai
Time is a constant factor that teaches us to understand
Mun dtut sin hai taung lah
It’s been decided and we must say goodbye

*Chun kong mai tot tee tur pai
I won’t blame you for leaving
Praw wah kao jai dta-laud mah
Because I’ve always understood it to be so
(Lae young kao jai dta-laud mah)
(An will always understand it to be so)
Mot waylah laaw, tur kong taung pai
Our time is up, you’ll have to leave

**Dtae sing tee lurah nai jai young yoo
But what lingers in my mind remains
Keu kwarm kid teung tee tur nan mai roo
Those are the thoughts that you’re unaware of
Pood mai dai
I can’t say
Tum dai piang kae kid teung tur
All I can do is think of you

Yaum yoo gap kwarm jing
I’m willing to live in reality
Dtae ja mai ting reuang rao tee dee
But I won’t let go of the good memories
Chun ja mee tur wai nai hua jai
I’ll treasure you in my heart
Yoo gap waylah tee mun young moon hai gao dtau pai
I’ll live according to time that continues to spin forward
Mae taung ngao suk tao-rai
No matter how lonely it gets

Repeat * & ** twice / **

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