Da Endorphine – Ying Thai [Thai Women]

Artist: Da Endorphine
Title: Ying Thai
English Title: Thai Women
Album: Saen Saeb
Year: 2009

Pen kon tee aun wai gap reuang rao tee kao mah
I’m a woman susceptible to the problems that come into my life
Pen kon tee maung fah, aht ja sia num dtah dai
I’m a woman who upon looking at the sky, might just cry
Pen kon mai pood-jah, pen kon tee riep ngai
I’m not one to talk much, I’m a simple woman
Mai kauy son jai riek raung reuang arai
Hardly take interest in or demand anything

Pen kon tee doo choey
I’m a woman who seems passive
Aht ja choey duay sum pai
I may be old-fashioned as well
Pen kon mai wun wai mai kauy soong sing krai krai

I don’t get anxious and I’m not so friendly with others
Pen kon mai sung-kom gin yoo gaw ngai ngai
I’m not a social person and live a simple lifestyle
Ying Thai young ngai, gaw yahng ngan
Just the way Thai women are, that’s how I am

*Dtae pen kon tee hua jai karng nai kem kaeng
But I’m a woman with a strong will inside
Pen kon tee kaeng raeng reuang hua jai
I’m a strong person when it comes to matters of the heart
Hahk dai lohng dai long dai ruk krai
If I ever become infatuated, date or fall in love with anyone
Tay hai loey mot tung hua jai
I’d devote my heart entirely
Lae prom dtai taen dai loey, tur roo mai
And I’d be willing to die in your place, do you know?
Pen kon tee charng fun lae chaub jin-dta-nah garn
I’m a big dreamer and I like to fantasize
Pen kon mai kauy waan, dtae mai kauy yaum pae krai
I’m not a very sweet person, but I hardly surrender to anyone
Pen kon tee mai yaum
I’m a relentless woman
Tah krai mah kid raai reu yaeng tur pai
If anyone has any funny ideas or try to steal you away
Chun mai yaum
I won’t allow it

Repeat *

Reu yaeng tur pai, chun mai yaum
Or try to steal you away, I won’t allow it

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One Response to Da Endorphine – Ying Thai [Thai Women]

  1. yaso says:

    Awesome Endorphine selection. Thanks! As I always say, you present the best. Love this song. And I was starting to go through Endorphine w/drawl! Thanks again!

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