Two Popetorn – Sia Jai Tee Tur Mai Roo [I’m Sorry, But You Don’t Know]

Artist: Two Popetorn
Title: Sia Jai Tee Tur Mai Roo
English Title: I’m Sorry, But You Don’t Know
Album: Calling Love
Year: 2010

Chun mai roo taung tum dtua yahng rai
I didn’t how I was supposed to react
Meua tur bauk laa nai wan nan nae-jai tee ja lerk gan
When you said goodbye that day, determined to break up
(Yahk ja haam)
(Wanted to stop you)
Yahk haam tur mai hai pai jaak gan dai mai
Wanted to stop you from leaving, please
Gaw mai roo waa chun ja poot waa yahng rai
But I didn’t know what to say

*(Bauk tur yang ngai)
(What should I say to you?)
Dtit tee jai man young rap mai
I was stuck on not being able to accept it
Kum poot maak mai took got daen ao wai
So much I wanted to say, but I was compelled to hold back
(Ja bauk tur yang ngai)
(How do I tell you?)
Dtae wan nee (Nai wan nee)
But today (On this day)
Yahk hai tur dai roo
I want you to know
Man yahk ja poot hai tur dai kao jai
I want to make you understand
(Yahk hai tur roo)

(Want you to know)

**Sia jai dtae tur mai roo
I’m sorry, but you don’t know
Fao doo tur nan dern jark pai
I just watched as you walked away
Sia jai tao-rai roo mai
Do you know how sorry I am?
Tee chun tum pit kit mai koi tan
I was wrong, but it didn’t occur to me in time

***Kon man bpaak kaeng gaw mai dai ja kau toht tur sak kum
As a stubborn man I never once apologized
Reuang took took yahng tee chun dai tum pai
For all of the things that I’ve done to you
Chun kae yaak hai tur young hai oh-gaat gae dtua
All I want is for you to give me a chance to rectify myself
(Gaw yaak ja kau tur chuay young hai oh-gaat gae dtua)
(So I’d like to ask for you to please give me a chance to rectify myself)

Chun gaw roo rao mee reuang pit-jai
I also know we didn’t see eye to eye with some things
Kao jai pit gan nai wan nan roo dee chun man yae eng
Misunderstood and on that day, I realized I was the bad guy
(Yahk ja poot)
(Wanna tell you)
Yahk aun won hai tur glap maa kae nai
Wanna plead for you to come back so badly
Gaw mai roo tummai man yahk tee ja kau
But I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to ask

Repeat * / ** / ***

I’m sayin’ I’m sorry, girl
Would you please forgive me?

Repeat ** twice / ***

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