Update: What’s in stored for the rest of 2010

Kangkeng – Sunyaan (Daan) Mai Dee

I know my updates are few and far between and I do apologize about that. The thing is, I haven’t really had much to share, so I felt it was kinda pointless to write about small tidbits. I guess I have something post-worthy to share now. I’ve finally! decided to work on another lakorn. Drum roll please….Kaew Leum Kon. Yes, you read that right. LOL! It’s an old one though, so I hope you guys are still excited about it. I’ve actually been working on this for a while now, but been too lazy to run the 1st episode through one final edit. But alas, it’s done! I’m uploading it to YT as I type and will have it available for download here soon-ish. It’s rather sad that the only way to commit myself to a project is to put it out there. Sometimes pressure is a good thing, but I know I’ll probably feel the burn midway through, especially since I plan on finishing it by the end of the year. I know, that’s pretty ambitious of me since I barely just finished episode one.

I do have another lakorn in mind, Sira Patchara Duang Jai Nuk Rob, but plan to work on it at a slower rate.  And of course, it depends on if anyone else picks it up before I do. I’d like to have at least the 1st episode posted next month, but we’ll see.

I’m planning to do at least one more giveaway before the year ends, but I’m hoping I can squeeze in two. It’s nearing the holiday season and I hope you all get into a giving spirit. I know this time of year can put a huge dent in our wallets. Just give what you can, even if it’s just a card filled with sincere words. Yes, that’s my preaching for the night. :p Anyway, keep an eye out for a drawing soon. (Probably as soon as this weekend.)

I’ll most likely be slowing down with the MVs since I’ll spend most of my subbing time on lakorns. Don’t worry, I’ll continue to upload requests on Mondays and Wednesdays. I might close off the request section again at the end of this month so that I can try to get as many of them done before the year ends. Then I can start off 2011 with a clean request page.

In case you’re wondering about LPLR, Chobling and I still plan on finishing it. We’ve had to put the project on hold, but rest assured, we will finish what we started. We both cannot express how much we appreciate your patience and continued support. Thank you!

That’s all for now. Hope you’ve all been well. Take care.

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9 Responses to Update: What’s in stored for the rest of 2010

  1. Blia says:

    AD, I think that you should not sub Sira Patchara because I think there is already a group of subbers subbing it on viikii. I don’t know far they are or if they are finishing it.

  2. jazminsense says:

    I don’t mind if its old as long as its good and you’ve subbed some real winners! Could you tell me, us what’s the plot about Kaew Leum Kon? How many episodes?

    • AnothaiDara says:

      jazmine, I’m working on the page for KLK and it’ll have the synopsis. It’s 12 episodes according to the original box set.


  3. lucy says:

    wow! many many thanks for your subbing Kaew Leum Kon of aom and captain.

  4. Melody says:

    Hi!! I was wondering if you could possibly sub “JAM LUEY GAMATHEP”, Chakrit & Cherry’s lakorn. it’s been out for awhile and it seems like there’s no one subbing it. A team on viikii.com were subbing it but they stopped halfway thru epi.1 and I don’t think they’re going to sub it since it’s been over a year now. I would really appreciate it if you can, I believe there are lots of ppl like me who are wanting to see this lakorn subbed in eng too!

  5. Chobling says:

    Hey AnothaiDara. Gosh, you’re so hardworking. I wish I possessed half your diligence. I’m sorry I can’t work with you on KLK, but I’m looking forward to your releases. In the meantime, I’ll try to catch up on LPLR. Anyway, best of luck!


  6. BK says:

    Everthing you’ve subbed so far had been worth watching. So, whatever you sub next will be appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Happy holidays!

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