Am Fine – Lauk Chai [Use Me]

Artist: Am Fine
Title: Lauk Chai
English Title: Use Me
Album: Faen Mai OST
Year: 2010

Yahk long jai kong tur
I want to test your feelings
Nae naun kae nai
How confident are you?
Wat jai gan sak noi
Let me take some measurements
Ploi hai naan ying siang
Time will only raise the stakes
Kau piang dai roo chun reu tur krai nae jing
I just want to find out which one of us is superior

*Pror tur tum hai wan jai
Because you make me anxious
Ying wat jai tur, ying roo
The more I test your heart, the more I learn
Aep saun kwarm lauk luang wai leuk leuk paai nai
You’re hiding lies deep down inside
Tur dtong gaan piang lauk chai
You only wanted to use me

**Dtang jai tum took yaang
I was determined to do anything
Wung dee dtor tur
Had the best intentions for you
Laaw tur tum chun jep
And yet, you hurt me
Jep gor yom hai lauk
Despite the pain, I let you fool me
Mai koey bauk krai
I never told anyone
Gep ao wai piang poo diow
Kept it all to myself

Repeat * / ** / * 3x

Dtong gaan piang lauk chai
Only wanted to use me

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