Singular – Bao Bao (Tender)

Artist: Singular
Title: Bao, Bao (Tender)
Album: The White Room
Year: 2010

Jai, neung jai
Your heart, just one heart
Ja dtong garn arai hai man maak maai
Why does it desire so much?
Hai man woon waai
It’s so complex
Pieng tur nan sai jai gan bao bao
Just pay close attention and be tender
Paw hai song rao dai tum arai maak maai nai dtaun nee
We both can do so many things at this moment

*Bahng waylah mai bpen rai tah tur yoo glai
It’s okay if you’re far away sometimes
Bahng waylah chun kao jai tah leum gan pai
I understand if you forget about me sometimes
Bahng waylah mai bpen jai gaw mai dtong sia daai
Don’t feel sorry if we don’t see eye to eye sometimes
Ploi man pai gon na
Just go with the flow

**Kid teung chun sak krung meua mai dai kid teung krai
Think of me once in awhile when you’re thinking of no one else
Tum dtua dtaam sabai tah jur gan nai kwarm fan
Make yourself at ease if we were to meet in a dream
Mee waylah dee dee gaw bauk hai chun dai fang
Let me hear about the good times you’ve had
Mai maak gern pai gwah nan
Nothing more than that
Koi koi ruk gan bao bao
Let’s slowly love each other tenderly

Tur gap chun yang dtong dern tahng glai
You and I still have a long way to go
Kong mai saai pai hai waylah gap jai dai rian roo
It may not be too late to give our hearts time to learn

Repeat (* / **) 2x / **

Koi koi ruk gan bao bao
Let’s slowly love each other tenderly

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9 Responses to Singular – Bao Bao (Tender)

  1. singularfan says:

    love it too much so much very much^^

  2. I heard this song from a friend 8 months back,he’s far from me now though..This song always remain..keeping the memories and bonding secure.Miss ye’ Nongchai..

  3. bejamin says:

    love this song

  4. touristpink says:

    Reblogged this on I am tourist and commented:
    ❤ i have a plan to learn this song ^^

  5. touristpink says:

    aff its really helpful na i like ur blog

  6. indiaooo says:


  7. Na Bin Jo says:

    i start to liking this song… thankyou ^^

  8. Wox says:

    Super nice song learning now

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