Singular – Long (Try)

Artist: Singular
Title: Long (Try)
Album: The White Room
Year: 2010

Yoo gap kam taam
Living with curiosity
Mai roo waa meua rai
Not knowing until when
Lae ja eek naan mai
Or if it’ll last much longer
Mai koey mee kam dtaub
You’ve never gotten any answers

Yoo gap kwarm fan
Living with a dream
Ja dtaeng dterm tao rai
No matter how you embellish it
Hai dee sak kae nai
No matter how great you make it
Gor mai koey ja bpen jing
It will never come true

*Ror yahng nan, ror hai fan bpen jing sak krang
Waiting like that, waiting for your dreams to come true
Ror yahng nan, gor mai roo sak tee
Waiting like that, then you’ll never know
Tah mai koey long tum dtaam hua jai,
If you’ve never tried to follow your heart,
Ja roo dai mai waa rao jai pai dai glai sak tao rai
Then how would you know how far we can go?
Kae tao nan kae tur dai long gaao pai
All you’ve gotta do is try and take a step forward
Tah tur dtong gaan kam ah-ti-bai dtae mai koey long pai kon pai pohp,
If you want an explanation but never tried to search for it,
Laaw man ja dee mai
What good would that do?
Gor mai roo kwarm jing yoo dtrong nai
You’ll never know where the truth lies

Yoo gap kwarm lung
Living with the past
Dtong ton lae sia jai
Having to put up with regrets
Eek sak kae nai, gor mai mee tahng auk
Even after a while longer, there’d still be no way out

Repeat * 2x

Sak tee…

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2 Responses to Singular – Long (Try)

  1. singularfan says:

    love it:)

  2. krystin michelle says:

    I’m not thai but i love the song 🙂

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