Album Review: New & Jiew – Next Step

Artist: New & Jiew
Album: Next Step
CD Release Date: February 22, 2011
DVD Karaoke Release Date: March 8, 2011

Track List:
01 – Yahk Bpen Kon Nun [Wanna Be That Girl]
02 – Yah Ao Kwarm Ngao Mah Long Tee Chun [Don’t Let Your Loneliness Fall On Me]
03 – Ror Laaw Dai Arai [What Do I Get From Waiting?]
04 – Gep Kum Wah Ruk (Wai Chai Tee Eun) [Save Your Love [Use It Elsewhere]
05 – Glua Kwarm Glai [Afraid of Closeness]
06 – Siang Umla [The Sound of Goodbye]
07 – Reuang Nee Taung Hen Gae Tua [Must Be Selfish Regarding This Matter]
08 – Ying Leuk Seung Ying Wun Wai [The Deeper We Go, The More Anxious I Get]
09 – Tua Jing Rai Tua Ton [Intangible Real Thing]
10 – Tun Waylah [In Time]

New & Jiew – Ror Laaw Dai Arai

The girls are back and boy have they grown up! (I know, it’s been over five years since their debut album came out.) These tiny little girls have got big voices, so don’t let their new dolled up look fool you. They’ve stayed true to their music and I love them best when they’re belching out ballads. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want an album full of sappy, heart-breaking songs, either. It’s just that I prefer that their voices be the vehicle to carry the music and not the other way around. I didn’t expect any less of New & Jiew and Next Step does just that.

All the songs have really grown on me, but I especially love Tua Jing Rai Tua Ton and Ror Laaw Dai Arai. I really feel like these two songs complement each other; two different perspectives from the girlfriend and the other girl. It would even work as a two-sided story from the girlfriend. Yeah, would love to see the videos replaying in my head come to life. Tua Jing Rai Tua Ton is about a boyfriend (or lover) who’s reacquainted with an ex and suddenly, the girlfriend becomes “more intangible than someone he’s never met”. As for Ror Laaw Dai Arai, I think the title is self-explanatory. All the questions she asks about the purpose of waiting is rhetorical, but what can one do when in love? He asks her to wait, so, she waits in vain.

In Yah Ao Kwarm Ngao Mah Long Tee Chun, the girls basically tell the guy to piss off because she’s not going to be his 2nd go-to girl by default. The best part is that when he calls, she’ll “simply tell [him] that [he] dialed the wrong number”. Siang Umla is a farewell song of wishing someone (presumably of an unrequited love) the best as you bid them goodbye and vow not to bother them anymore. Tun Waylah is a rather sweet song expressing gratitude towards someone who’s come to your rescue “right in the nick of time” because the pain of missing them has made you “physically ill and an emotional wreck”. I’ve been working on the translations of these songs so they’ll be posted here soon.

All in all, this duo has put forth an album that has exceeded my expectations. The songs are catchy, but it’s the lyrics that captures and holds my attention. My one and only teeny tiny complaint is that sometimes I can’t tell their voices apart. I mean, if I really strain my ears and pay close attention, it somehow becomes obvious. But for those who are new to them, it could be quite difficult to differentiate between the two girls and that’s a bummer since they both deserve to be recognized for their individually amazing voices.

On a side note; perhaps I’m starting to sound trite since my reviews have been based on albums that I favor, so I apologize if my reviews sound biased. That’s not my intention at all. Let me know if there are any albums in particular that you’d like me to review. I’m always open for suggestions.

As always, please support these artists by purchasing the real thing. 🙂

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7 Responses to Album Review: New & Jiew – Next Step

  1. yaso says:

    Thanks for the review! So what if you’re bias – it’s your blog! And honestly, I come here b/c your opinions about Thai music matter to me! Hahaha! I’m liking the song you posted. I look forward to the translations. Thanks for all your hard work, I do appreciate it! And as I’ve said all along you only offer the best in Thai music. I trust your judgment!

  2. Monica says:

    Thank you for the post!! I love your reviews because they never disappoint 🙂
    It’s good to hear your opinions on artists/bands because it helps to find other music I can listen to.

  3. C says:

    Do you mind providing the eng subs of New & Jiew – Ror Laaw Dai Arai?

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. lark4ever says:

    Yeah, but I like this song the most: Yah Aow Kwarm Ngow Mah Long Tee Chun.

  5. song says:

    this is my frist time hear their song…good thank thing you have eng sub because i would understand what they said..thank for the sub…really enjoy the song…^^

  6. Tony Perez says:

    Love these girls and the songs they sing……….xoxoxo

  7. i love this song its the best so far for this year

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