So Cool – Lom [Wind]

Artist: So Cool
Title: Lom [Wind]
Album: So Cold
Year: 2011

*Gor mai roo wah lom arai pad rao mah pob gan
Well I don’t know what kind of wind blew me over to meet you
Lae (Gor chun) mai roo wah lom arai pad tur pai jaak chun
And I (also) don’t know what kind of wind blew you away from me
Yoo dee dee gor tum hai chun ruk tur
Suddenly caused me to fall in love with you
Tum hai mee kwarm fan
And got me to dream
Dtae mai naan gor tum laai chun
But not long after it destroyed me
Jon taep mai leua jai
To the point my heart was nearly a casualty
(Mai leua jai)
(My heart was a casualty)

Lae bahng krung nai yaam kam keun mae gaai ja lom pai,
And occasionally at night when though my body is asleep,
Yahk hai roo reuang rao kaung tur mai koey ja lap lai
I want you to know that your memories will never be laid to rest
Lap dtah long, dtae jai yang kid teung tur
Close my eyes, but you’re still on my mind
Yahk ja jur piang nai,
As much as I long to see you,
Gor mai mee tahng tum arai dai loie
There’s absolutely nothing I can do

**Ja mee tahng mai tee lom ja paa tur yaun keun mah
Is there any way that the wind could lead you back to me?
Mai ploi hai chun dtong sia nam dtah maak mai gap kwarm lung
Don’t let me shed so many tears for the past
Yahk bauk tur wah kon kon nee yang koi,
I want to tell you that this man here is still waiting,
Ror yang mee kwarm wung
Waiting as if there were any hope
Ror hai lom nan pad rao mah koo gan
Waiting for the wind to blow us over to be together
(Ror dtae tur tao nan, hai tur kao jai)
(I’m waiting for only you, please be understanding)

Repeat ** / *

Dtae wah chun yang kid teung tur yoo ram pai
But even so, I’ll still be thinking of you often

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One Response to So Cool – Lom [Wind]

  1. Sai says:

    Thanks for subbing!

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