Drawing/Giveaway #2 Winner & Brief Update

The winner of my last drawing is Noy. Congratulations! I’ve sent an email out to you. 🙂

Punch – Gep Kwarm Huang Yai Wai Chai Gap Kon Tee Tur Ruk [Save Your Worries For the One That You Love]

As some of you might have noticed, the Song Requests page needs a little tidying up so I will close it temporarily. Don’t be shocked if your requests have been removed. I’ve recorded them and they’re still open for subbing consideration. I just hate clutter and that page has gotten out of hand. Yes, due to procrastination and neglect so now I’m taking extreme measures to play catch up. You can still send requests through email (anothaidara@hotmail.com).

I’ve gotten a lot of comments requesting that I post download links for the videos I’ve subbed since my YT account was deleted. Most of them are already available here. I’ve posted links to just about 99% of the songs I’ve subbed. However, if there are any dead links feel free to let me know and I will reupload them.

Thanks for the love and support! You all keep me going! Here’s to hoping that May is a more productive (subbing-wise) month for me. Cheers!

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