Drawing/Giveaway #3 – Potato’s Human album

Potato – Ngai Ngai [Easily]
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I love this band to pieces and from the response I received through subbing their music, you guys do too! Here’s your chance to win a copy of their latest album along with the karaoke DVD. All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite song (or album) of theirs and why it’s your favorite out of all the countless hits they’ve had.

I guess it’d only be fair if I stated mine. It’s Mai Hai Tur Pai from their second album Go…On. It’s not the first song I fell in love with, but it’s the one that resonates in my heart to this day.

Potato – Mai Hai Tur Pai [Won’t Let You Go]

Here are the rest of the rules:
– Open to anyone, anywhere (that the USPS delivers to)
– One entry per person (I will check IP addresses for duplicates. Duplicate entries will automatically be disqualified)
– Responding to other entries is perfectly fine
– Leave a valid email address (in the comment info section and not in the actual comment box)
– Winner will be randomly picked and contacted through email
– Entry deadline is 11:59 pm PST May 31, 2011.

Please note that the DVD says it’ll play in all zones, but don’t hold me accountable if that isn’t the case.

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24 Responses to Drawing/Giveaway #3 – Potato’s Human album

  1. Monica says:

    I love all their album but the song that I love from this album is Tur Yang because it’s such a beautiful song that it can relate to anyone whether it be about a family member, a friend, or even a loved one.

  2. Lala says:

    One of my favorite song from Potato would be “Share” featuring Klear. It was just a beautiful and soothing song that had me put on repeat 🙂

  3. Lucy Lor says:

    You don’t know how happy I am when I saw this, I stumbled upon it searching for their song เธอยัง… , which is really good. (Heard it just now) You see I’m not a Thai pop(?) fan (I’m more of Korean pop and some Japanese Pop). I love Thai lakorns the most and I do sometimes check artists out but only once in a long while but when I first heard Potato I instantly fell in love with them from hearing the song… Proong Nee (Ja Pai Gub Tur) and after that, seriously I felt like every single song from them was just awesome, although I don’t understand what they are saying.

  4. kayson says:

    Tur Yang ! although the rest of their songs are beautiful as well , it is one song that really relates to me because i have a love one staying oversea , and i don’t know how have she been. This song really sing of my feeling , and the lyrics write my thoughts.

  5. lb_tmi says:

    pahk dee… cuz that’s me.. i talk real big, but in the end, i can’t ever leave. BOO!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    I was introduced to potato when the life album came out, and after just listening to the first couple songs I fell in love with them! My brothers and I would get drunk and karaoke the hell out of the songs until like 3 in the morning annoying the hell out of my parents haha.. KWAAARM RUUUK KAUNG TURRR!! (ruk tae do lae mai dai) =].

  7. Elvin says:

    I’m a hardcore fan of T-Pop and it will always be one of my favourite genre.

    Potato has always been pretty famous in the scene but I never really took notice them until their latest album “Human” got released.

    “Tur Yang” first struck me. Wherever I go in Thailand, I will hear it playing for sure haha… but then I found out about “Mai Roo Ja Ah-ti-bai Yahng Ngai” and fell deeply in love with it.

    The way the whole song flows is just sweet!! Love the tune and love everything about it… Seriously can’t stop listening till the point where I already memorized the lyrics by hard 😀

    Cheers to Potato for their awesome latest album release!

    If there’s a chance, I’d very much love to attend a concert of theirs 😉

  8. aymie says:

    it’s obvious that potato have soooo many good songs. there’s too many that are my favorite so i’ll just pick my new favorite song of theirs which would be Mai roo ja atibai yang ngai : ไม่รู้จะอธิบายยังไง from their newest album Human. im a sucker for sad songs therefore i just love everything about this song it’s soo sad and i must say this song have the best mv in my opinion. i especially love this song because of the strong message of how you love that person soo much but you really can’t explain to them how much you love them because you’re losing them or already did, the all the regrets, and how you can’t live without them.. sigh it’s sad.

  9. aikoden says:

    Potato is second to me after CLASH ^_^..
    They’re just so amazing!
    My all time favorite song of theirs has be “Share”, the original one as well as the one with KLEAR. It’s such a nice soothing, relaxing, beautiful song indeed.

  10. Jessaleen says:

    The first song I’ve ever heard from Potato was Kaub Koon Tee Ruk Gun. This was I think 5 years ago? At first, I didn’t understand it too well because I didn’t understand thai as well as I do now. As time went by, i slowly started to understand it bit by bit. It became clear to me and it just made me fall in love with this band. I especially love the acoustic version to it. Once I found out what the title and song meant, it helped me learn thai. Kaub Koon Tee Ruk Gun was the song that changed my perspective on thai music actually. I didn’t think thai music would be too good but ever since i heard that, it changed my entire decision about it. It had a good beat and of course a good meaning. Potato is always number one for me [: I hope the stay on top because their songs are just so soothing and give me that warmth and comfort I need in music. Their music has a deep meaning to it and always will. I’m glad I’ve found out about this band x]

  11. Elinn says:

    “Ter Yang” caught my heart the first time I heard it and it’s been on repeat mode ever since. Guess it’s cause the songs speaks volumes about my feelings now and holds the words I want to say. The chorus never fails to make my heart ache just one more time. Oddly, it’s what binds me to the song so much.

  12. kandi says:

    I love the song Mai Hai Tur Pai!!! I believe it’s from their second album from Go..On correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 I absolutely love the chorus part. The song just touched my heart because of the lyrics, how he’s saying that he won’t let the girl go but it’s a little too late.. AHH i just love it!

  13. KiLrOy says:

    Mine would be ความทรงจำ from the Go On Album. To me the newer members re-live the life of the previous band members. Pup will always have respect for the demised lead singer of this group thats why he continues to reminds us of him thru singing the older songs in the mist of the new ones. If you attended the Potato concert in Thailand you can feel the atmosphere of both groups (older and newer). Almost everyone teared when the previous drummer (not Kan) came on stage. So potato sprirt continues even until now. Potato rulez!!!

    • AnothaiDara says:

      If only we were all so lucky. Hopefully we’ll get to experience this first hand when they come to the states. 🙂


  14. Samantha says:

    I have just started listening to Potatos music just recently and I’ve got to say that they are really amazing singers. My favourite song would have to be ‘Do You Still…?’ from their album Human. This song just melts whenever I hear it! It’s got the best rhythm and tune 😀 chun ruk Potato ❤

  15. Pacholo says:

    I love potato I just bought their latest cd at ethaicd.com! I hope it arrives today haha and omg I love anothaidara!!! anothaidara is the future of international THAIPOP!!! 🙂

  16. neena says:

    my favorite potato song is Ter yang! its soothing and i love the mv…its super cute! the meaning of it goes out to all couples.

  17. xcb says:

    Tur Yang is the one that I’ve been hearing through my phone.
    Love the lyric… as the words are simply honestly straight out of the heartfelt.
    The rhythm is simple and catchy at the same time and in sync with the theme of the song.
    Lastly, thanks for translating the lyrics..

  18. Kristeeeh says:

    My fave song by Potato is also “Mai Hai Tur Pai.” I just simply love the lyrics and the melody of the song.

  19. B.Lor says:

    Regardless if I win or not, I will still praise that Potato is one of Thai’s greatest band. I have listened to numerous Thai’s songs but it never really struck me. I like how Potato is original.

    My favorite song from Potato is “Ruk ter doo lae mai dai” (Couldn’t take care of my true love). One of the reasons why I love this song is the soft guitar in the beginning. It evokes a sense of sadness and reminds you of the past memories of an old love. And then there’s the solo electric guitar that builds up the song. Another reason why I love this song is the lyrics (sad yet poetic). Lastly, I love this song because it was my first introduction to Potato.

  20. Sweetly Broken =P says:

    My favorite song from Potato is ” Chun Ruk Tur/I Love You”. I guess the reason why I love it so much is because when I saw the performance during one of their concert, I fell in love with it. Another reason would be the lyrics and how simple it is for non-Thai speakers to follow. Hence, I’m able to sing along with him. XD Another reason is the chorus. I love how he’s singing “Chun Ruk Tur” in a loud but not yelling voice to tell the girl that he’s seriously in love with her.

  21. somp says:

    my favourite song would have to be Mai Roo Ja Athi Bai Young Ngai.. It’s such a great song and have so much meaning to it, if i don’t win im still going to purchase the cd and vcd but its nice to get stuff that you want for free 🙂

  22. Chris says:

    My fav songs for Potato?
    ขอบคุณที่รักกัน(kob khun thee rak kan)

    also the O.S.T for the MOVIE ITS SELF!!!!!
    Movie acted also by the LEAD singer of Potato also!!!!5555++

    New songs will le LEN-LIN from this new album…

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