M Auttapon – Parb Jum [Reminding Images]

Artist: M Auttapon
Title: Parb Jum
English Title: Reminding Images
Album: The Man
Year: 2010

Yoo kon diow nai keun ngao ngao
I’m by myself on these lonely nights
Leua kae ngao tee man sa-taun parb wan waan
All that remains is a shadow projecting yesterday’s memories
Roht chat kwarm aun ae peung roo man mai waan
I just learned that the flavor of weakness isn’t sweet
Glin haeng kwarm puat raao gern ja ton
The scent of pain is stronger than I can stand

*(Meua) Sieng tee dai yin keu sieng nai hua jai
(When) The sound I hear is the voice in my heart
Bpit hoo bpit dtah tao rai,
I try covering my ears and shutting my eyes,
Man ying tum raai gan
But it only worsens the pain

**Laaw chun ja nee man dai yahng rai
So how will I escape from all this?
Nai meua hen parb jum tee tum raai reuay pai
When I see those reminding images that keep on hurting me
Ja dtong ton puat raao
I have to endure through affliction
Pror reuang raao tee fang yoo nai hua jai, oh no
Because of the memories buried within my heart, oh no
Ja dtong tum chen rai
What am I supposed to do?
Ja mee tahng nai tee chun ja leum tur
Is there any way for me to forget you?
(Ja eek naan mai tee chun ja leum tur)
(Is it going to take much longer for me to forget you?)

Ploi waylah hai man rak-sah
I’ll let time do the healing
Dtae nalika tummai dern chah mai kao jai
But I don’t understand why the clock moves so slowly
Ja dtong ton yoo pai yahng nee naan kae nai
How long am I supposed to live like this?
Ja paan pai yahng rai mai roo loey
I’ve no idea how I’ll pull through

Repeat * / ** 2x

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