Infamous – Dtah Bawt [Blind]

Artist: Infamous
Title: Dtah Bawt
English Title: Blind
Year: 2011

Kam tee koey poot waan sak gee kam tee bpen kwarm jing
How many of your sweet nothings are actually true?
Kam tee tur wah jing sak gee kam tee cheua tur dai
How many of your proclaimed true words are believable?
Kam tee poot wah ruk sak gee kon tee tur poot pai
How many people have you expressed words of love to?
Ja goh-hok kae nai yang cheua tur
No matter how much you lie I still believe you

*Dai dtae tum mai son, glaeng bpen kon dtah bawt, mai roo arai
I can only ignore it, pretend to be blind, and not to know anything
Dtae jing jing nai jai, chun roo dee
But honestly in my heart, I know better

**Dtor nah gor mee kae chun,
In front of my face you’ve got only me,
Lap lang gor pai mee kao
But behind my back you’ve also got him
Dtong jep tee kam wah “rao”
I’m hurting because the word “us”
Man maai teung gaan mee kao mah kan dtrong glahng
Means being divided with him in the middle
Glaeng mai roo mai hen yaum tau-ra-man chah chah
I feign ignorance and succumb to the slow torture
Yang mai glah leum dtah
I’m still not brave enough to open my eyes
Glua ton kwarm jing mai wai
Afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the truth

Jai neung bauk por laaw, teung waylah dtong dern nee pai
A part of me says enough is enough, it’s time to walk away
Jai neung bauk hai wai, meuan mai rap kwarm jing sak tee
Another part of me says to bear with it, it’s like I’m in denial of the truth
Tee dtong ton dtong cham hah tahng pai mai mee wi-tee
The reason I must endure the pain is because I can’t find a way out
Aht dtit tee kam nee kam wah ruk
I may be addicted to your love

Repeat * / ** twice

Hai dern glap lang gor mai dai
I can’t reverse my steps either
Ploi jai ngoh ngom yahng nee
I’ll let myself remain a fool like this
Jep kae nai tao rai gor yaum
I’ll accept any amount of pain
Kae kwarm ruk mai por
Love alone isn’t enough
Kam wah ruk mai por hua jai kon yahng tur
Love isn’t enough for a heart like yours

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