Namcha – Chun Roo [I Know]

Artist: Namcha Chiranat
Title: Chun Roo
English Title: I Know
Album: Lips Me Please
Year: 2011

Chun roo lae kao jai dai dee
I know and fully understand
Tur nan mee jao kong kon mai laaw
You belong to someone new now
Chun roo wah aht tum hai tur deuat ron jai
I know that I may be causing you aggravation

Chun kau kae pieng eek mai naan
I’m only asking for a short while
Ja reng tum dtaam tee tur dtong gaan
I’ll be quick and follow through with your request
Ror pieng hai kwarm tau-ra-man man noi lohng
Just wait for the pain to subside a little

*Tah hahk mong fah mai sia nam dtah wan nai,
If there’s ever a time when I can look at the sky without crying,
Kam lohng meua rai nah tur mai loi kao mah
When night falls and your face doesn’t pop into my head
Tah hahk fang pleng sao sao laaw chun mai mee nam dtah
If I can listen to sad songs without getting teary
Chun gor ja kau sanya, chun ja pai
I promise you, then I will go

Chun roo wah yahk hai chun pai
I know that you want me to leave
Mai dtong yoo glai glai tur yahng nee
That I needn’t be near you like this
Chun roo wah yahk hai reuang raao job sa tee
I know that you want our problems to end once and for all

Repeat *

Kon koey ruk gan moht jai
We once loved each other wholeheartedly
Yoo yoo ja hai glai gan,
Then suddenly we’re to be apart,
Yoo yoo moht kwarm sam-kan
Suddenly all meaning is lost
Ja hai tum jai dai yahng rai
How am I to cope?

Repeat *

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