Pang Nakarin – Jep Puat Tee Ngot Ngam [A Beautiful Pain]

Artist: Pang Nakarin Kingsak
Title: Jep Puat Tee Ngot Ngam
English Title: A Beautiful Pain
Year: 2011

Jop gan pai naan laaw waylah kong rao
Our time together ended long ago
Dtae jark wan nan hua jai chun yang mai koey wahng plao
But ever since that day my heart has never been empty
Yang kong mee tur nai jai teung mae dtua glai jark gan
You remain there though we’re physically apart
Mai koey mee wan nai tee chun leum dai
There’s never been a day when I could forget you
Boi boi tee kid teung tur leua gern, yang kong rong hai
Often when I miss you too much, I still cry
Man yang jep puat nai jai, yang ruk tur mahk yahng koey
It still pains me inside, I still love you as much as I used to

*Teung mae jep cham sak tao rai,
Despite how much I’m hurting,
Yang roo-seuk dee tee hua jai
It still feels nice that my heart
Mai leum parb tur
Hasn’t forgotten your image
Cheewit yang leua kwarm suay ngam hai chun jot jum dai sa-mer
I can always reminisce about life’s remaining beauties

**Yang kong mee tur nai hua jai yoo meuan derm
You still live in my heart just as you did before
Ruk tur yoo meuan derm
I love you just as I did before
Teung naan kae nai,
No matter how much time passes,
Gor mai yaum hai tur pai jark jai duang nee
I refuse to let you leave this heart of mine
Bpen kwarm jep puat tee ngot ngam
You are a beautiful pain

Ja gep tur ao wai nai jai jon dtaai
I will cherish you in my heart until I die
Bpen sing dee dee kong cheewit kon tee koey pae paai
For a man who was once defeated, you were a special part of his life
Yang por ohp oon nai jai yang dai jur tur nai fan
At least there’s comfort in being able to still meet you in dreams

Repeat * / ** twice

Tee ngot ngam yoo nai jai dta-lot pai
Forever beautiful in my heart

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One Response to Pang Nakarin – Jep Puat Tee Ngot Ngam [A Beautiful Pain]

  1. Esrifairuz says:

    I like Pang Nakarin and Sek Loso, if possiblen can translate Sek Loso Loum such as Spot ve Songs Album such as Soot Jai and Kern Lang

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