Klear – Pae Jai [Defeated]

Artist: Klear
Title: Pae Jai
English Title: Defeated
OST: Koo Kaen Saen Ruk
Year: 2011

This song was originally sung by Mai Charoenpura in 1998. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) Since then, there have been countless remakes/covers and I listen to them and always go back to Mai’s. But when Klear does it, it’s a different story. I love this version! It’s gotta be Pat’s voice.

Gep jai wai nai lin chak
Kept my heart in a drawer
Kong mai jur laaw ruk tae
Probably won’t find true love anyway
Beua gap kwarm pruan prae
Sick and tired of change
Man mai care lae mai wang
I don’t care and I’m not hopeful
Man meuan kon chin chah
Just like an indifferent person
Mai mong, mai fang
I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear anything
Lae laaw gor mee tur dern kao mah
And then you walked into my life

Kao mah kon nai lin chak,
Came along and searched through my drawer,
Tee pid dtaai pror ruk raao
Which had been sealed shut due to a broken love
Hai apai jai mao mao
You forgave my inebriated heart
Mah bang bao tee chun lah
You lifted me out of fatigue
Mah son jai yai dee kon tee mai mee kah
You showed interest and concern for a worthless person
Hai roo wah dtua eng yang sam-kan
Letting me know that I’m still important

*Geng mah jark nai,
Despite my expertise,
Gor pae hua jai yahng tur
I was defeated by a heart like yours
Meua rai tee plur,
When my mind’s adrift,
Yang neuk wah tur yoo nai fan
I still think you’re part of a dream
Yang mee eek reu
Is there yet another?
Ruk tae tee koey sau-hah mah naan
True love in which I’ve searched so long for
Wan nee bpen ngai bpen gan, ja ruk tur
Now come what may, I’m going to love you

**Meua tur roo wah chun ruk,
Since you know that I’m in love,
Gor yah tum hai chun long
Don’t put me under a spell
Bauk mah loey dtaam dtrong,
Tell me the truth,
Nee reuang jing reu chun pur
Is this real or a figment of my imagination?
Dtaun nee yang por tum jai
At this point I could still cope
Tah sing tee dai jur
If what I’ve experienced
Keu fan keu la-mur lae mai jing
Is a dream or a fantasy and isn’t real

Repeat * / **

Dtaun nee chun ruk tur keu reuang jing
Today my love for you is something real

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11 Responses to Klear – Pae Jai [Defeated]

  1. coriganno says:

    i really love this song. thanks for introducing and translation of it. you got me addicted to another thai song once again!

    • AnothaiDara says:

      Aw, you’re welcome. I’m addicted to this song, too! I can’t enough of this version. 🙂


  2. mit-evo9 says:

    Thank you for all your hard work . Love this song : )

  3. hello do you know the name of the song that he singing at 3:18 http://youtu.be/uadE3yKLh_s

  4. yaso says:

    Thanks for the song! Love Klear! 😀 As always, you post only the best!

  5. Aditya says:

    Awesome song thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Jessel Villadores says:

    This song is awesome too!. My 2nd best thai love song.

  7. pat lim says:

    Maybe 2016 is a little prolong, but I love oldie. It a great song. Very nice indeed.

  8. Camila says:

    Guys please Can you tell me the name of the guitar’s songs?

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