Laolom (Feat. Waii) – Song Kon Neung Jai [Two People, One Heart]

Artist: Laolom (Feat. Waii)
Title: Song Kon Neung Jai
English Title: Two People, One Heart
Album: Turn On
Year: 2010

Gor took krang tee ngao jon mee nam dtah
Whenever loneliness brings me to tears
Gor took krang tee fah glai bpen see tao
Whenever the sky turns grey
Nai keun tee naao chun yang op oon hua jai
During cold nights I still feel warmth in my heart
Gor nai wan tee cham mee tur chuay share
Whenever I was hurt, you were there to help me share the pain
Nai wan tee pae mee meu tee yeun mah
In times of defeat, you were there reaching out to me
Nai keun tee lah mee tur pra-kong gaud wai
During weary nights, I had you to support me in your embrace

*Long tahng pai, gor mai glua, mee rao
Even if I lose my way, I’m not afraid, I’ve got us
Lohk nee tee doo meuan wahng plao gor plien pai
This seemingly empty world is changing
Meuan kong kwan jahk fah ying yai
You’re like a grand gift sent from above
(Jahk tee hah yoo naan peung kao jai)
(After searching for so long I finally understand)

**Jahk nee jai ja mee kae tur
From now on, you’ll be the only one for me
Sieng kong hua jai dta-gohn wah jur kon tee fao ror
The voice in my heart shouts that I’ve found the one I’ve waited for
Om kaen klong dai pieng kae tur kon nee por
Just your arms wrapped around me is enough
Mae hon tahng ja glai,
The road may be far,
Kae song kon neung jai mai mee ting gan
But two people with one heart won’t abandon each other

Dern kaam ta-non joong meu duay gan
We’ll hold each other’s hand as we walk along the street
Waylah doo nang mee tur chit glai
You’ll be the one next to me during a movie
Gum meu gan wai nai wan tee rao aun ae
Squeeze my hand tightly in times of frailty
Mai roo wah ruk tur mahk tao rai
I don’t know how much I love you
Roo kae wah tur keu ruk tae
All I know is you’re my true love
Ruk mai mee kor mae, kae tur dta-lot pai
I’ll love you unconditionally, only you forever

Repeat * / **

Meuan dang mek fon koo gap fah
Like the rainclouds go with the sky
Meuan wah kah koo gap kaen
Like arms and legs go together
Meuan wah saeng koo gap see
Like a ray of light emits color
Meuan lohk nee koo gap nam
Like the earth goes with water
Meuan tee chun koo gap tur
Like you and I paired together
Mai mee wan hahng haai
We’ll never be separated

Repeat **

Ruk suay ngam tao rai chun peung kao jai,
Only now do I understand how beautiful love can be,
Meua dai pohp tur
Now that I’ve found you

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